Are you an effective remote worker?

Has the shift to WFH had a surprising and beneficial impact on your personal brand?

Yes.  I manage to bill the same amount working less because things don’t take as long without distractions and interruptions.

Yes...going to the office seemed imperative when we first started WFH but now that I've been back in I realize I'm much more productive at home.

I had calls with my director who was in the office and he kept having to muzzle his voice and cover his hands to have discussions because he wasn't in a meeting room for our Teams call. It was such a ridiculous farce. That's not progress!


I can do the work side of the job.

I go into the office to do the management, BD, social side of the job.

So it's a nice balance.

I'm hugely more efficient at the basic work which is down to the lower number of distractions, better rest  & focus and fact my home office is much better resourced with IT & know-how than than the office. Losing the commute has given me back at least two full days a week of time I can use for more constructive activities & personal growth as well. It's perfect. I love it.

I am very productive at turning stuff around.  5 hours at my desk WFH is like 10 in an office in private practice.

But I do miss out on some of the conversations that would shape my thinking about how to approach things as the business develops, and relationships with people don't progress as they probably should.

I spend way too much time optimizing the lighting on me and adjusting the camera angle to show off my bookcases, so I can look both brainy and attractive on Teams.

heh at pp. 

all very well for relatively senior bods - still shite for juniors. 

Yes definitely, have been promoted and manage a reasonable sized team I have never met. I find upward management easier on a remote basis too. Only problem is I work too hard.

I’ve had remote working as part of my work life for the last 12 years.

I went back to the office a lot after ld1, but after ld2/3 I’ve lost interest. All my calls are international and the social side which I loved has withered and died. Going in on Monday for the 3rd time this year.

performance is solid. Am also around more for kids and getting to go to yoga / piano. Periodic homeschooling also means am needed at home more.

I don’t love the current set up, but it has benefits. Am about to hang the washing up. Means I can turn in a salary at home and keep on top of my housewife life. Not sure how it will work when nob goes to school. 


the social side in offices really will struggle without the intangible impact of spontaneity in the office - like juniors learning by osmosis if only 30% of people are in on any one day it will wither and die. 

It had very little spontaneity before as I work in a team that's mostly married people with kids.  If you send an e-mail at 3pm on a Friday saying it's nice and sunny why don't we have a quick pint the few responses are generally "sorry already have plans".  Will be nice being back in London a bit for spontaneous beers with friends outside work.

I am definitely more productive at home. Fewer distractions, access to a gym/spin bike whenever I need and homemade lunches have made all the difference. I feel like I actually have a work/life balance, in the sense that I can actually get some life in in the margins without having to sit in the office all the time. Not that I work fewer hours - they're just better spread out to allow some life along the edges. 

Has anyone noticed how supposed top brass are often dreadful at simple things like speaking on calls? 

No. I hate wfh tbh. Work is for offices and work detritus is not for the home. Anyone who thinks differently is a mad sociophobe crone.

i think its interesting how we have been able to choose who we do and do not see as a consequence of all this. i have WFH for over a decade but gone to the office/court/chambers a couple of times a week. my work circle was much bigger but i have allowed it to shrink to either those i directly work with or those i am genuine friends with. even my choice of counsel is now limited to about 5 people i actually like (and do a good job). 

But in time the lack of opportunities to expand the number of people i hang out with (work related) will become obvious as we all get bored of each other.

I am now redundant so my opinion may appear irrelevant, but I cannot see WFH continuing as it is forever. 

People simply wont pay you top dollar for walking the dog 3 times a day and nipping off to Sainsburys.

Make hay while the sun shines

Love it ! 

But then again i am 58. This is a real problem for the sweet naive innocents, so bon chance mes amis

If i was, say 20 years younger, then i probably would care, as i would want friends who arent scared of meeting real people