Archaeologist accuses Steptoe partner of harassing her...

RoF News surpassing itself with that one.

The woman is clearly loopy.

Of couse she ROFs.  That's her at 10.31 under the piece.

That's a very narrow definition of "roffing" you're wielding there, ol' feller.

Jeez. Imagine sitting next to someone at a restaurant and having a chat and ending up with this. 

Wibble's right, though, peter. 

There are four classes of ROFFER:

1. Reads the news, occassionally steels self and dips into the discussion board. Total-non-ROFfer,

2. Reads the news, occassionally steels self, etc, leaves nonny comments on News items, not on discussion board: Non-ROFer

3. Reads the news, leaves non-anonymous comment on news, does not post on discussion: On way to being a ROFFER, but not quite there yet.

4: Posts on news and/ or discussion, using same user name: Proper ROFfer.