Arcadia group to go pop today- what are the chances?

Awful for the staff, obviously be re Sir Phil? Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, etc. 

Sir Phil won't have to make any changes to his lifestyle  at all.

Reading the Beeb article on this, I am surprised some of these shops still exist.  when was the last time you went in a miss selfridge or dorothy perkins?  or a burtons.  I cant recall seeing any of these shops in a decade or more.

I buy my jeans from burtons when they’re on sale - £10 a throw is good value.

Maybe they aren’t for lawyers in their 40s and over, Wang?

Well I guess the plus size market is ironically narrow Tecco

You would know more about that than my slender size 36 waist does. cheeky

Hardly anyone goes in those shops anymore. No point.

Another Amazon victim.