Apprentice Wk 9 *SPOILERS*

Chancers, posers, brown-nosers

I can't believe Thos got booted! I genuinely thought he was going to win.

At least the lovely Pamela is still in it.


'I can't believe Thos got booted! I genuinely thought he was going to win.'


That is a ridiculous thing to say  HE was never going to win, he was there for entertainment value only

Lord Sugar clearly thinks Thomas had a bad business plan, because he CLEARLY thought the most of him of anyone in the process.

Yes, Sugar loved him. I thought he'd find any excuse to avoid firing him.

Not sure about the business plan, you may be right.

Pamela rocks. I'm supporting her all the way.

The Yank woman was on borrowed time, no surprise she's gone.

I think Sugar booted him because much as he liked him he also realised that he'd spend a stack of time having to call people Thomas had tried to do business with to calm them down after being asked for a 100% commission.  Nice chap but rather bull in a china shop trying to negotiate.

I think he's kept Lottie in as he thinks he'll be able to persuade her it's normal to dress up as a librarian and dominate your business partner once a month.

I think the evil librarienne will win.


there will be rioting in the streets if Lottie "15 years in the music industry even though i'm only 19" wins. She is utterly smackable.

Considerably less smackable than anyone who really is in the "music industry" tbf.

I think that Lottie has autism.

My friend was one of the muso industry guy who refused the song.  I nearly fell of my sofa when he popped up.

Lottie has the face of a baby on a withered looking body - reminds me of Daryl Van Horne in Witches of Eastwisk (80s version) at the end just before he pops