Appraisal Time

and I have nothing to put on my form, I cant even think of some bull shite to keep HR happy.


Fuck!  Look at last year's objectives and try and shoe horn what you've actually done into those.  Creativity masterclass - get to it!

Just ignore it.   They will only give you a pay rise if they want to keep you.  Otherwise it’s just meaningless bullshit.  

I have consistently ignored goal-settings and self-reviews. Unfortunately they have not fired me yet.

My objectives last year are on going( they have been for the last 3 years), so nothing new to add.

 I don't know why they want to know what achievements stand out, because none do, I just do my job


I can't put down I have yet to go round the office calling some people  copper bottomed wankers, when I have so wanted to,

so that's an achievement  

You effectively work in logistics Abbs. There must be something you can think of to improve reception areas, efficiency etc.

Chuck in a few buzzwords like client experience.

*runs full LEAN evaluation process on pencil sharpener*

i thought the point of appraisals was to ensure u could force ur line manager to listen to how fvcking awesome u r for 30 mins

dont miss out on that opportunity and m7