She is my life.  If she were a religion, I would worship her.

Indeed. People miss the point about AOC. In addition to being exceptionally gifted at the game of politics (if she was 10-15 years older, she'd be by far the best Dem candidate to challenge Trump in 2020 - no doubt she's already planning a run in 2032 or 2036), she's leading an actual far left movement in the Democratic party, and doing it far better than the Occupy nonsense that all fizzled out. 


The point of all this "Green New Deal" stuff isn't actually to pass it - it's to put pressure on the Dems from the left and start moving the party away from DCCC centrist control - and it is a very effective starting gun for that process. 

(the Repubs are right of course in that the Green New Deal is basically nonsense - it's completely unworkable - but that's not what its purpose is)

Yup.  She's building for the future.  I suspect she may very well be the first non white non male president of the United States.  In about 15 years time.

Mate you should make a note that 'far left' in the us is pretty much liberal democrats as far as the uk is concerned.  Our far left is essentially Stalin.  A wee bit of difference.  She is a perfectly decent left of centre politician as far as the uk goes.  And I wish to marry her but I don't think it's happening.

It's nonsense in the sense that it will never in a million years get passed.  It's actually perfectly reasonable, but politically nope.

I'm quite sure they said that about the original New Deal too

Mate look, I agree, I think it's a really good plan.  I just don't have strong expectations.

As I said, I think AOC is what the world bloody needs. I just hope the world realises this.

No, definitely not nonsense at all which is why she took it down

Amongst other insanity, this one'sa real gem


Tecco, old chap, I’ve been meaning for a while to have a bit of a word with you about your worship of madonna types.

Would now be a good moment?

we also had no aeroplanes and males weeing in bottles. Absolutely batshit

Does your wife work Draco? Or is she maybe unwilling to work so that she can take care of your five kids?

the hiiiiiiiills are alive with the sound of freeeeee stuff

It seems to me that the one who is triggered is you.

AOC seems to be living rent free in your head

No, you don't. 

Strutter old bean, always open to a chat with you.

The point is it's aspirational and ofc the wilder stuff wouldn't get enacted ffs. It wouldn't even get onto her ticket. She's at the flagpole stage, then it will be fine-tune the product, then flog the brand.

She's a very effective communicator who will bring the kids along with her, and that's what's needed.

And in the UK who do we have? Owen Cunting Jones?

Tecco, because if we give this joker enough rope he always manages to hang himself. He reveals himself with almost every post to be a complete clown.

Tbf the only time I actually lost per se was during the Brexit referendum.  Sorry old chap, despite having a right to abode in the us I don't actually get a vote.  Which is rather ironic given the whole no representation without taxation thing which requires me to file zero balance tax returns every fucking year.

I was referring to the resident idiot Californian, teclis

Whining about Trump on here for 2.5 years and now starts bigging up Occasional Cortex after yet another own goal. The guy's addicted to losing.

Didn’t realise we had a Californian on Rof.  Wonderful state, didn’t spend long there but my first wife did her first degree at UCSD.  My favourite story was when I moved her back to her family home in west bloody Virginia (tax reasons, her dad had his factory there). We stopped of in wheeling, WV to get gas and a bite to eat and my mate who had come along for the ride gets out of the car and asks if there may be a sushi restaurant.  You could hear the clicking of rifles and shotguns, heh. Ok maybe not but it was all a bit ‘deliverance’.

Haven't Norway or Finland recently (around Xmas) published a report on it's 'green deal' experiment of paying a basic minimum wage to all? Anyone know how that panned out?

Lol. Wouldn't be Norway, cost of living there is about a gazillion pounds a day.

I think it was Finland but they have such a low population I don't know if it would be an effective trial.  We do have a sort of minimal salary in this country anyway, people who don't have means are gifted £80 a week or something and don't have to pay for prescriptions etc.  Not sure paying everyone  base amount would make all that much difference.


Think there are a few Californians on here but Dracs probably means Supes, a Berkeley dude. A bit of a feud going on there.

Nothing wrong with Wheeling WV. I spent a summer there before university, still have the coal miners helmet with stickers from mining suppliers. And a breathing device which would probably give you an extra half hour in case of some collapse.

Big Bad John.

Oh wow, you may v well have met my former father in law!  He was very well known in wheeling as his factory employed half the town.

Didn't realise big bad John was a wheeling thing, though.  One of my favourite records that my dad left me.  Jimmy Dean, and they think rap is a new thing....!

Bernstein.  The world I live in, which as many here will know, is Fallout.  The most recent iteration, Fallout 76 is actually set in West Virginia, albeit a post nuclear war version.  But the theme song is exactly that.  I always loved John Denver anyway, but my absolute favourite is Rocky Mountain High which is about Colorado.  2nd wife... 

Heh, I may well have done. Small world. Wheeling is/was a mining town, the Jimmy Dean song is kind of generic. And it can be almost heaven.

Got me on memory lane now. My best incident was sitting outside a bar in Wheeling with my colleague Dick Wilding and seeing an almighty cat fight between two women.

Someone called the police and the officer just stood there and watched. 'Ain't you going to arrest them?' said Dick. 'Yeah, but it'll be easier once they've done pounding the crap out of each other.' The officer knew who they were.

Supes, how do you think the various Dem presidential candidate senators will vote on the Green New Deal when McConnell brings it up for vote and forces them to go on record?

The green new deal isn’t a single piece of legislation that can be brought up for a vote.

As far as I am aware all the 2020 candidates view the plan positively and have said so on the record.

thought AOC and Sen Markey were co sponsoring something specific? And that Pelosi has dismissed it saying it’s just a suggestion and pretending not to remember it’s name or something? And that senior Dems are conflicted cos they don’t want to be the target of Republican attacks calling it an unworkable fantasy?