Anyone watching Years and Years?

Sorry if this has been done already but best TV ive seen in ages imho

Can't wait to look back at it in 20 years time and say "well they did warn us"

If the worst predictions about climate change were to come true, not sure if I really want to be alive 20 years from now.

Don't see it as particularly realistic. 


The BBC seem to have a knack of making technological developments look utterly sh*t (i.e. the Alexa's they use are about the size of large thermos flasks, and the live in Robot the guy had sex with looked like one of the Cybermen).

Fvck you Wellers, I have been banging on about this for weeks, you just ignore my threads don't you

Couldn't get beyond the first 30 mins of episode 1.

As per most BBC contemporary drama, every single diversity box had to be laboriously ticked.

Didn't feel any empathy for any of the characters - ended up repeating what Emma Thompson said at the start  " I don't give a fuck"....

Agree with the above. No UK family is this bloody diverse!

"If the worst predictions about climate change were to come true, not sure if I really want to be alive 20 years from now."

I very much doubt that anybody living in the UK is going to notice much, if any, difference in climate in 20 years time. Food prices might be a bit higher but I am not sure what apocalyptic predictions you have seen that suggest life would not be worth living. If you were living in an area where you relied on glaciers for your water or you lived in the Sahel, then maybe...but the UK will be more or less the same as it is now.

The diversity is silly on face value but there is a dramatic point to it, allowing the writer to show the deterioration of a whole rage of our values from the viewpoint of one family. So, a load of minorities represented. All of which becomes apparent the longer you stick with it.


wot minkie sed.

The only people who don't like this programme are the sort of people who get angry about the fact they can't have a gollywog in their window anymore.

Let’s all resort to sad personal abuse shall we?

last night’s episode jumped the shark. Bit of a relief really.l

I saw some gollywogs for sale recently in a souvenir shop. Had to chortle, I thought that was banned nowadays.

well I think what Viv Rook was doing with the erstwhile, just too unbelievable. Not in ten years, not in a hundred. Also the floods - maybe in 30 years not ten ( not that thats much consolation)

basically I am now less scared.

That's who Viv is, Boris in a dress spouting nonsense

i’m no fan of Boris but I suspect his grasp of history is better than Viv Rook’s!

Caught up on Ep 5 yesterday, and I can see what you mean, minkie. The dystopia elements are a bit cliched--seriously, dragging the broadcaster off air? And the daughter's "superpowers" are just too convenient.

Is Viv Rook hinting that there are puppetmasters behind her in her exchange with the Rory Kinnear character?