Anyone watching the debate

Dear god

abs, forgot about it was watching the tennis and it being on ITV, I cannot even watch it by rewinding it like on BBC


Im half listening ,I am waiting for a programme on BBC4 at 9pm

Boris Johnson seems to be getting more applause in the early stages

Host appears to be asking questions without any desire to hold them to account when they craftily dodge them

Whilst watching this debate tonight on ITV tonight, we have not a clue just how bad Boris Johnson will be as PM, it will be awful, and then some at best. Who said Boris had an amazing intellect ?

He will be the shortest tenured PM ever

He won a scholarship to eton.  Maybe it’s degraded over time, I have no idea but they don’t exactly give those away.

He is coming across badly. He can't answer direct questions. Khunt did better.

Jeremy Hunt quote " state schools are as good as private fee paying schools"  say that again m8

Appalling that our future, of having one of these morons as prime minister, is decided by a group of party members

Holby City was much more entertaining.

Everyone keeps complaining about party members choosing the PM but you could all have joined when it became apparent May's days were limited and it's £25 well spent.  I also previously joined the Labour party and ended up trying to stop Corbyn winning.

Teclis, FFS, they offer numerous ssholarships and Bursaries , with almost two thirds receiving one, again getting one is not a sign of intellect is it, but you knew that yeah? 

You misunderstand.  He was a colleger.  I have two prep school friends, both with brains the signs of planets, top grades possible at common entrance etc. And they got 10% scholarships (which are the kind you refer to), which isn’t sufficient for KS or colleger title.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear, perhaps this is an area of UK life that you aren’t familiar with?


Which planet? a gas giant? Uranus? Boris Johnston could be either.

Similarly my school have a system where if you did the scholarship entrance exam you were almost guaranteed a bursary but only 10% of the school were genuine academic scholars who were scarily intelligent but struggled with practical tasks like operating a toaster.