Anyone want to know what Hanners is up to now?


BRITAIN is no longer a normal country – that’s why we want to make it normal again. We want to make it great also, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Getting back to being normal again would be a good start.

What do we mean by normal? It’s hard to put one’s finger on it. It’s the gut feeling we have – and you probably do too – that we’re simply not a happy, close-knit country any more, with a strong sense of who we are.

That's a very odd site.

Every second or third paragraph is an utter non sequitur, the person who claims to be an ex journalist and the founder has no other internet profile, and the pictures used to represent rural wales look a whole lot like rural germany.

But the english is fairly good.

I call fake news.

LF I was about to comment that I find it ironic that a website set up to support an English nationalist movement had a picture of what appears to be a Swiss Alpine settlement. Is Robert sure he was camping in Snowdonia?

I'm sure Phil the Greek is pleased they have his back.

I've read a couple of the articles on there.

I actually think they're horrifying.  At first (skim) read, they're all reasonable and calm and normal.

But then you stop and think and re-read examples like this:

The irony is that people of minority sexual preferences have always done brilliantly on TV and on the stage – they seem drawn to it somehow and our cultural life would not have been the same without them. They didn’t need special treatment and other staff wearing specially-coded badges back in the 1950s, let alone today. I would imagine many of them will be deeply embarrassed by all this activity on their behalf and would sooner get on in life simply because they’re good rather than gay (etc, see above)."

They.  Them, give them badges.  Mark them out.  It doesn't say it.  But it evokes the idea.