Is anyone following the Dubai Princess Haya story?

It is all a bit menacing.

Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein is one of the wives of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum - his sixth one.

She is Jordanian and the half sister of Jordan's King Abdullah.  The Jordanian Royal Family has close ties with the UK Royal family. She is English educated and close to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, and blah blah blah.

Anyway, she has disappeared, and is said to be in hiding in the UK.  She did not appear at Ascot with Sheikh Al Maktoum two weeks ago.  It is said that she has fled her husband.  He is tweeting/instagramming weird poetry about how she must choose to live or die, and has chosen to die, accusing her of betrayal.  She sought asylum in Germany earlier this year but was not successful so is now said to be in a house in Kensington Palace Gardens.

Her disappearance is said to be a reaction to what happened to Sheikha Latifa, one of Sheikh Mohammed's daughters.  She fled Dubai by sea last year in a yacht but was intercepted by a special forces boat from Dubai and forcibly returned to Dubai.

When she was returned, a number of people spoke up on behalf of the Dubai ruling family to condemn the attempted "kidnap" of Sheikha Latifa. One of them was Princess Haya herself. Another was, peculiarly. Mary Robinson (former Irish President). The spin was that Sheikha Latifa had been exploited and was now safe but others said the kidnap was BY the Dubai authorities as she was forcibly abducted from the yacht against her will while trying to escape.

Princess Haya is said to have found out facts about those circumstances and challenged the Sheikh, incurring retribution from him, including threats, and pressure from his extended family and Government.  Fearing for her own life she has done a runner but is concerned she will be kidnapped and subjected to "rendition".

The issue is horrible, but it also has major ramifications for regional politics and the relationship the UK has with the region.  Our traditional sympathies and Royal connections have been with the Jordanian family but our economic ties are with the Dubai administration.

It is said that she will be making an application to the High Court any moment now.  I wonder what for.

From what I've read she's going for a divorce.

Apparently he has 12 kids with his senior wife and then a load more with his subsidiary wives including Haya.

he writes (translated)

“Some mistakes are known as betrayal, and you have transgressed and betrayed.

You traitor.

You betrayed the most precious trust.

You exposed your games and nature.

You no longer have a place within me.

Go to who has kept you occupied.

I do not care whether you live or die."


From what I can see, she's done a much better job of running than the Sheikh's daughter (who was rumoured to have been stitched up in a diplomatic deal between the UAE and Indian governments - she was at sea en route to Bombay in Indian territorial waters, when her ship was stopped and she was taken by the UAE ship with the help of the Indian Navy). 

Her biggest advantage is that she's the sister of the King of Jordan and the beloved daughter of the previous king and generally a national icon in Jordan, so the Sheikh will be extremely reluctant to cause a diplomatic row with Jordan by using strong arm tactics against her. But she also doesn't want to put her brother in a tight spot so she's in Europe instead of running to Jordan..

I think that's spot on Stru.

But actually being in the UK causes the UK and Jordan some head scratching as it's tricky to be playing the royal family ties against each other.  Godolphin stables etc versus the beloved late King Hussein... which way does Her Majesty play it.  Awks.

another angle of interest is how many Jordanians do high earning jobs in Dubai on the usual notice terms for non Emiratis and how much income is derived in Jordan from that. Jordan won't want them all turfed out in a day.

Yes - I think it's hundreds of thousands. Aren't they the main *Arab* expat group? Who do a lot of the things that other (non-Arab) expats can't do?

I think we should support a man who is trying to get his adulterous wife back, whatever the cost diplomatically.  There are morals that should be protected, she chose to marry him, she should accept and graciously submit to his wishes.  The end.

I care quite a lot that these are the kinds of people (them and the Saudis) our government wants to butter up 

silence from the rof sandbox crew who would have you believe the place is a paradise ofc 

Or maybe people just think that a woman should obey her bloody wedding vows?

Teclis as previously established no one is interested in your views on adultery and women 

it's hard to tell whether you're desperately trolling for attention again or serious, and which would be worse.


Medieval dictatorship where women are seen as property unless their Dad is big and important treating women as property non shocka.


Westeners making money from Medieval dictatorship not caring also non shocka. 




Westeners making money from Medieval dictatorship not caring also non shocka. 

Until they do of course.

I don't think I will ever visit Qatar on the basis of having had to sit opposite a member of the ruling family a few times refusing him access to a safe deposit box.  I mean I doubt he remembers me  / gives too much of a shit - but it would have been super easy for him to put my name on a list in passing, and pretty much zero repercussions for him, so all in all best just not to chance it.

did you forget to switch off Chambo mode for that one? 

Sadly for you, in this country we have freedom of speech (sort of) mutters so no way.  Nothing wrong with having standards, as his highness is demonstrating.  I wish him every luck in managing to persuade his errant woman to return to her rightful place.  I hope it works out better than my efforts in the same position.

As you're still married presumably you're celibate non?

She broke the vows.  So no, as well you know.  However, if she ever showed up and asked to return to my side as my wife, I’d immediately drop any female I was with, with apologies, and resume my duties as a faithful husband.

what stru said.


it must have been like this in the 16th/17th c with germany etc


I guess the obvious remedy of excommunication is not available for this guy

Wtf exactly is ‘well weird’ about someone being willing to live by the promises he made in front of two families and a religious representative?  Have we as a society really fallen so far?

everything you've contributed here is quite high on the weird scale.

You started with some trollery then you've flipped it a bit but now you're peddling a line about if she came back you'd dump everything in the name of fidelity.

I'm going to chalk this down to you drinking jaeger grenades in the sun and not taking your meds.

Actually I’m sat in my front room with all the windows open, stretched out on a reclining chair, with a knackered dog, sipping cherry squash and watching cricket.

It's usually pretty amusing with Tecco on this board, but this thread (unless it's trollery, as I first thought) shows the dark truth that underlies all that - basically any woman that ends up under any measure of control by him is almost certainly going to subjected to serious abuse. It's not that funny really.

I’m far more under the control of my girlfriend than she is under me.  Was the same with my wife.  I just have this silly old fashioned view that promises should be kept.

Are they not all imaginary so it doesn’t really matter?

It is a silly old fashioned view, and then some. You sound like a serial killer. These days, the way to get your spouse to stay with you is to behave in a way that makes them want to stay with you.

Having your daughter kidnapped is not the textbook approach.


i thought ‘cherry squash??’ But thought I might be behind the times. 

So busted. Like Al Capone for tax.

Cherries and berries to be precise, from Mr Sainsbury. 

It exceeds even summer fruits in my very well researched opinion.  (I drink about four pints of squash a day so I mix it up a bit).

I’ve found her!

The Times reports today that she’s hiding in an £85 million mansion near Buckingham Palace.

Not the average person’s idea of hiding, but there you have it...