Anyone fancy a drink tonight?

Thinking it might be nice to head out for a couple.  Am happy to have my bottom molested, if that's any draw.

Possibly.  Meant to meet a friend but they're ill and I suspect might bail on me.

I'm on Bishopsgate but happy to head down to the OB or somewhere around there. 


Where would people find most convenient?

Jubilee line works best for me, Waterloo or Westminster in particular.

Why don't we all get a boat to Canary Wharf like the good old days? 

Cant this evening, but a quickie sometime in Westminster sounds ace, Stix

I don't know any bars in Westminster.  Any recommendations, people?


Can we stop by and call Soubry a Nazi?

I’m always up for that ML.

Also totally happy with Canary Wharf, but I doubt there will be many takers for that.

I'm not sure Waterloo is the best place for lawyers to have a quick one mid afternoon 

Did ML just ask Stix for a boink?

And did Stix agree that she was born ready?

Heh @ 3 bikes

Whatever happened to that lady anyway?

There's prolly a super injunction, the mere existence of which....hang on, I wonder who's at the door? 




I’m not going to the Old Bell, it’s an appalling boozer. I could do the OBE? Or the Black Friar? 

6 ish sounds good - but where? OBE or the Black Friar???

OBE is easier for me. Could do a quick hour or so. Say from about 545-6?

Old Bank of England.  At the Strand (west) end of Fleet Street.

Still trying to find out if I'm being bailed on tonight but if that happens will pop along.

Excellent. I’ll bring my copy of Eats Shoots and Leaves for you.

I'm a bit further away tbh.  about 20 miles west...

Christ the OBE. Soz. Ditto the OB. Or any OB for that matter. So sue me. Cunts.