anyone with experience of owning/ driving a range rover

I am seriously thinking of buying a 4wd in the new year and my preference is for a Range Rover. I am undecided as between the  Velvar, although I may be a bit self concious and the Evoque, especially as they are doing great deals on this at the moment. Any thoughts or advice appreciated.


Friend says the Audi q5 is a better alternative.

For fording the mighty raging torrents of Fulham and scaling the awe inspiring rugged terrain of Northcote Road of course.

Heh, get the most bombproof third party warranty extension that you can and plan on spending several grand replacing the AWD system after about 3 years/20,000 miles.

You'd be better off buying a Subaru tbh


Even the full size Range Rovers have surprisingly small seats given their size so god knows what the smaller ones are like.

As others have already said if you really a 4WD buy almost any of the others on the market as they are cheaper and better.  Reminds me of the old joke about the pricks being on the outside of the hedgehog...

I drove an Evoque the other week as a loaner car while my car was in the shop. I couldn't really see the point of it. 

a friend drove a proto-type "pimped up" evoque for a while.

it was good as you knew it was him.


but otherwise it had no redeeming features


why anyone wants to drive such a large car on English roads is a mystery too me.  Also everyone will think you are a bit of a prat.

sails, its funny what you say about the full size RR, I did think that the Evoque was particularly cramped upfront. The issue I have with the velvar it seems a bit of a drug dealers/footballers car.


Lol @ strutters I do not live in those ghastly places, but I get he joke.

arent u always banging on about living in wimbles ebitda?  range rovers are a properly shyt drive imo.  massive over pay for massive under performance.  plus everyone on the road will assume u r john terry.

do u even have a mrs/nipper to fit in?  if not get a sporty little hatch

Don't you mean Velar?  I doubt even RR would make a car that sounds like a female body part.

Wamg, ive always had sporty cars, Audi, and BMW, I just fancied something different. My other half a she was then wouldn't be seen in the BMW, nor would she approave of a RR, unless it is the Evoque,  suspect most girls feel the same.

Its just they are offering discounts of 4 k without any questions asked, which perhaps made it seem attractive, although i do very much like the look of them TBH

a discount on a car is not a discount - its the price 

I've had two discoveries but not a big fan of the back end of the new ones. Loved them  and they are massive inside. I have heard good things about the audi take so would give it serious consideration along with the volvo xc90. 

My boss has a Bentley Bentayga (sp?).  It is quite comfortable.

archi , then the same could be said for any asset or commodity....... Have you studied economics or finance.

He'll fit right in in Wimbles as it's full of RRs with "ruthless social climbers" (c) DM with weird trout pouts and fedora's with pheasant feathers behind the wheels.

I drive my father in law's RR occasionally; it is a shyt drive, the suspension is made of pudding, my Skoda is more fun. Unless looking like a twat is important to you get something else.

I used to drive an old Vogue Range Rover, one of these I loved it


Image result for old Vogue Range Rover

"He'll fit right in in Wimbles as it's full of RRs with "ruthless social climbers" (c) DM with weird trout pouts and fedora's with pheasant feathers behind the wheels."


true, there's at least 3 of those on my road (although I live in the arse end of Wimbledon where the police shoot people in the street)

Perfectly acceptable, one wouldnt want bloodstains on the common.  The wombles dont have hazmat suits...

I love the common on Sunday morning. All the polished RRs, fedoras, branded wellies, barbours and designer pooches come out to play and to have awful tea but nice cake at the Windmill caff.

Nothing says “Look at me!!! I’m an unmitigated ocean-going cnut!!!” better than a Range Rover. 

an Evoque says ‘look at me I’m a chav and I couldn’t afford the real thing’

unless you are a girl or a hairdresser, in which case it just says ‘look at me, i’m a chav’



As a member of the RR family, yes an Evoque screams the driver is a cnut. 

Merkz is spot on, though I would add that an Evoque driven by a man also says "I'm stuck with this until my drug dealing empire takes off and I'll then be able to upgrade to Overfinch's finest". 

Smaller fuel tank on the Evoque with planet fucking fuel consumption is a pain in the arse. And its a chavmobile. Land Rover's brand has basically been fucked by whoever owns it right now. I can't see any trad LR owners being interested in anything they make right now. 

Overland trucks are where it's at. With the last of the V8 interceptors on tow if you need to nip out to the local shops.

By "local shops" I mean of course Tuareg encampment, krakow or such like.

I'll never buy another new Land Rover product. I think I will probably fly over buy Japanese or German cars in the future.

I could see myself buying a Series ragtop, but the new cars are made for the likes of Victoria Beckham.

Heh remember when supes used to pretend he was interested in the environment and global warming?!

I drive fewer than 4k miles per year. I'm good on my consumption, thanks

Apart from the carbon footprint involved in manufacturing a new upper end 4x4 being north of 30 tons of carbon dioxide

Pff, cars are pish. Stop flying everywhere and stop boasting about roffing from whatever lounge. AND STOP WASTING PRECIOUS WATER.

I have to say the Velar is a very fine looking car, but literally everyone I’ve ever spoken to who’s owned a RR or discovery has led with the amount it costs to run and fix. 

The only thing more anti social than parking a RR on a residential London street is parking two of them. And then remodelling your house for a year with all the attendant trade vans.

*gnashes teeth*

All the wannabe posh women in Surrey drive these bloody great tanks. It's ridiculous. 

I you have to park on the street, you shouldn't own a RR as you'd be a pretend nouveau-arrivee

I used to drive a white 4.4l RR and it was feckin awesome 

Hope that helps 




Velar is a very fine looking car


it looks like a badly sucked cock

a white range rover?  how could it be possible to express to people that u are a total bellcheddar in any more forceful terms than owning a FUCKING WHITE OFF ROAD VEHICLE.  

Jesus Christ that's the most stupid car choice since my m5 dave bought a two seater the week he found out his bird was up the spud

I used to drive a white 4.4l RR and it was feckin awesome 

Hope that helps 




Yes, it does, thank you. Enormously.  It confirms to me the level of penis we are dealing with here. Thank you.

Asturia what RR did you have and what is your view about the Evoque or velar

Do people actually choose what colour their car comes in? Don't people just buy what is on the lot?

I can't really imagine getting worked up about a car's colour unless it was something really weird like purple.

Yes most people just buy the one on the forecourt that the dealer and all his nobby mates and test drive timewasters have thrashed around the ring road in second gear fvcking up the diff.

No one spends 75 thoisand on a car and expects it to be new and built to their spec.

It was a grown up RR, pint size versions thank you 


mine was white cos it was ex police 


i bought it when it was 2 and half years old and still in warranty. They sold it for a quarter of the list price when new. Utter utter mugs

*no pint size version thank you 


ps loving the hate this is generating btw

Lol, and then immediately lose 25% of the value the second they leave the lot.

Only a complete mug buys a brand new car.

Get yourself an 80 Series Landcruiser if you want a 4WD. That or a Defender about the same age. Both are proper 4WDs rather than AWDs and both have live axle suspension, which gets you out of trouble, and nice basic designs that no longer get made because they are inefficient and, dangerous, the Toyota is much or comfortable to sit in though. Here's as good an example as you could hope to find:… 

It lacks the"cachet" of a Range rover but on the other hand people will assume that you know what you are doing. 

Not read the above but I have an evoque and I love it.  I am small though so I do not feel hemmed in and actually find it really comfortable.  I really really like it and it may now be my car of choice (driven BMW's before).  My husband likes it too as do all my friends.  It's very comfortable and I would recommend it.  Give it a test drive and see how you feel, everyone is different.


 everyone is different.

Was that some sort of fucking snowflakey prayer for tolerance and appreciation of diversity?  Good luck with that on this thread.  Or on rof.  Or frankly anywhere. 

Lollers, is tecco selling that rr in bikes’ post?

Thing about landcruisers is that people will just automatically assume you’re eyeing up their lead flashing wherever you go, and it will then get nicked by people who eye up lead flashing wherever they go. 

The 80 Series would be a very easy car to steal.