Anyone else watching Glasto....

....huuuuge crowd watching Stormzy

Does a bit. Are we both freakin’ jealous, my RoF twin bro?

I just miss spending three days drunk listening to music 

What is this shite?

Kidz today have no fucking taste. Some idiot from south London talking quickly infront of a strobe light. Big whoop.

The only good thing is seeing thousands of middle class white people trying really hard to be into this shite. Whilst covered in glitter.

Oh god, is that Chris Martin?

stormzy ————————>

<————————- credibility

​​​​​​just saw Kylie. Hmm.

followed by Storm Z. Wow! Woke me up, loving the rap, great stage presence. Kylie could learn a thing or two. Killers later.