anyone else trapped without phone?

stupid o2, fix it!

not trapped, but affected

I love giffgaff, but it is still annoying.

it's all of o2, thank goodness (so also Tesco)

thank goodness bc I too love giffgaff

I thought it was just data?  I'm on sky so in theory am affected.  In practice however I'm in bed with coffee, toast, dog and wifi.

total blackout

this morning I had a moment of mad first thing paranoia that it was just me and because of a joke I texted yesterday about the FSB

I'm with O2 and getting frustrated with my inability to access my e-mails as I'm trying to order some steel.

Why do you think I am posting on here this morning? Haha.

Send a msg to dux and ask his handlers to intervene.  Let them know it was just a joke.

ahem, correction - I was connected to wifi this morning.  My giffgaff was down too (obv). 

On the radio at lunchtime it was reported that O2 found out about the outage when customers started reporting it this morning.  Finger on the pulse, eh.

Suspect this one has its roots in Beijing rather than Moscow

All our work mobiles are O2 so we were getting regular updates from IT but even that has stopped now...

Will have to see what's waiting for me when I get home and get onto wifi.

Don’t you guys use the bt wifi with phon hotspot app thing?  I’ve got no wifi on sky but hotspots are managing to keep me connected and I’m in bloody Cornwall.

I don't trust wifi hotspots. They're generally not secure.

I guess it’s different for people who deal in anything worthy of security but until the new year the most exciting thing anyone could get by hacking my phone would be a list of forums I hangout on and repeated posts about doom on various Chelsea forums.

Also details of when my mums next nail appointments are.  Because she’s inept and forgets. 

Pop into a pub, most have wifi. Where's Bloggs? Oh, he's just over in the Kings Arms checking his e-mails. Ah, that's all right then.

A new one.

I have just had to make a specific plan IN ADVANCE to meet someone!

Tec my laptop occasionally tries to connect itself to a BT hotspot even though I've got full BT wifi and it's utterly annoying.

On the day Huawei gets all over the news and the head of MI6 warns against using their IT in any core telecoms networks, including 5G, it just happens that globally software linked to Huawei's rivals develops a very public fault all over the worldt? Hmmmmmmmm... I mean it's not like the PRC gov has any precedent of market manipulation when it's not getting its way or anything.


I thought that

"You think you are safe. You are not safe."

*Cue wholesome Huawei advert about deaf kids*