anybody understand TVs

obviously you can plug a firestick in the back of a tv, or whatever, to get bbc iplayer and all the rest.


but is there a way (a plug in? an app, or indeed something built in) that means I can use t'internet to watch "normal" tv if I get the right tv.


ideally controlled by alexa or whatever so small children or adults can't lose the remote?



You mean like a smart tv where the iplayer, itv hub, 4 player apps etc  re already on the TV ? 

Depends.  I watch tv via either sky app, iplayer or tv app.  Those are on my Xbox last , I have yet to figure them out on my smart tv.

Do you mean you want to be able to watch freeview channels as if your tv was plugged into the arial but without plugging it in? 

No idea. 

There is an app that does what Linda describes called ToView that you ca n download to Ipad, phones, kindles etc. Not sure if you can download it on to a TV or not.

You mean like a smart tv where the iplayer, itv hub, 4 player apps etc  re already on the TV ? 


sort of yes, but ideally in a coherent fashion so you don't have to jump between the apps


I think you might need to find an app your TV will allow you to download that has all the channelz.

Apps like ToView, TV Player or Apple TV 

The other option would be an external device like a roku or apple tv box 

Live TV over the internet I wouldn't hold my breath for.

Toshiba do some Alexa TVs but I haven't exactly seen anyone rave over it.

LG and Samsung have voice control but I suspect its still a bit "Goto Channel 9" rather than "Play Peppa Pig" and have it work out which app to get Peppa from.

This Autumn a bunch of TVs will be getting Siri support through the Apple TV+ app / service.  I think that is planned to converge different subscriptions rather than just use Apple's own stuff.

Or else a Roku box I think can be controlled by Alexa and might help unify things a bit.  But I'm not sure you'd get a whole lot more than a Fire Stick (which I would have thought could be controlled by Echos as well as by its own voice remote).

I am currently playing with alexa to see what I can get it to do.  so far I've worked out I can make announcements over every speaker.  which amuses me intensely.


Most tvs have a remote app u can download.  

Most also come loaded with freeview and interweb accesibility.

But just buy sky like a normal.

if I reveal that I have a remote app, then there is no price to be paid for LOSING THE SODDING REMOTE.


just saying.


I'd only buy sky in my current house if I could send it from the box (which has  to be in another room) to my TV wirelessly and I haven't found a way to do that at all (I guess because they want people to pay for a multi room  set up)

Can you use the remote app to turn the TV on? I think on my samsung one it allows you to turn it off but you need the physical buttons to turn it on again,.

What Wang said, just get sky. All the channel apps (iplayer, itv hub etc) are all built in and Sky Q has Netflix as well (not got that so not sure how well integrated it is). 


The Netflix integration (and YouTube) on SkyQ is great.  It does work really well and across all mini boxes as well.

Great for kids stuff given the absence of ads and the automatic rollover of programs.

Just a shame they don't have Amazon Prime yet as there are a few good things on there.

the tv built in catch up apps, iplayer, itv hub etc allow you to watch in real time. Go to “channels” and click on On Now.

or is that not what you meant?

yes you have to change hubs to switch from eg itv to bbc but on my telly you just press the smart button again and then the list comes up so only two clicks to switch channel.

although soon as you go on itvhub there are loads of adverts you have to watch first.


The posh B&O in the sitting room can be operated entirely from ipad, you just download a sort of remote control app. So as you say you dont need the remoye control.

presumably other makes have this as well not just B& O.

clubbers I seem to remember there is some issue with having all normal tv coming over tinternet controlled by you, it makes you a “ broadcaster” or something which you need a licence for.*



* I might have dreamt this.