Any medical folk on?

Mrs Partridge went into hospital for a back injury and they picked up a lump in her neck.  They scanned it and said it was "indeterminate" so sent her to a thyroid cancer expert.  He scanned it again and said it was a 3 on a scale of 1-5 in terms of size, but he couldn't say it wasn't malignant so took a biopsy.  They've said it will be 10 days before the results come back, which seems a fuckload of time when you're doing the waiting.

My questions - Dr Google seems to think Thyroid Cancer seems to be a very good one if you're going to get one.  Has anyone on here had it or known someone who does?  What was the treatment like?  Seems to be surgery, radio and if unlucky chemo (well if not very unlucky).  

Does 10 days seem about right to get a biopsy back?  Is it pointless to try to hurry this up (it's a private healthcare provider).

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There are several subtypes of thyroid cancer, treatment and prognosis will depend on the tissue analysis if that is indeed the diagnosis. I doubt there will be much you can do to speed up the biopsy unfortunately. Best of luck. 

I have a friend who had thyroid cancer, had the whole thyroid removed, is absolutely fine now (although obv has to take levothyroxine for life)

did not need radio or chemo.

7-10 days seems normal for biopsy results in my experience.

Is Mrs P from the north? There is apparently a rise in thyroid cancers due to the Chernobyl fall-out lying dormant since the 80s (that's what my friend was told anyway)

best wishes to Mrs P


Thanks everyone.  Not sure I'll be able to keep off Google.

also, what abbey said. Stay away from Dr Google. I recently had a similar experience (a lump picked up on a scan for something else) and had a 7 day wait to find out if it was malignant (it wasn't, but I still have to have surgery for it). I was quite zen about it as either way I knew surgery would be required, it was just a matter of how urgent it are probably panicking more than she is.

and - my daughter has a damaged thyroid and is on levothyroxine for life, it's really no big deal

Thanks Queenielaugh

Just wait and see, ther eis no point worrying about something that may be nothing ,and if it is something, it will be dealt with

I have a heart scan coming up, they seem to think I have enlarged left chambers, meh, I will go and have it seen to then I will worry, no point worrying now, it is what it is

It will be fine ta, I am, considering how much I have abused this body over the years, not in that bad a way, I have had my annual check up and they found the heart thing

clare Balding was successfully treated for thyroid cancer. Dont google! But if you must, google clare balding, appears she had a good out ome.

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