Antiques for beginners

Have inherited a Queen Anne card table. It has several scorch marks on the top. Some are quite severe and the veneer is pulling away at the points where it’s been burned.

Had intended on getting it restored to keep. Someone has told me not to as it’ll affect the value. 

Any suggestions? London Antiques were useless, seems to be owned by two brothers, one of whom is Welsh and they’re always arguing.



Hmm, veneer.

I would get it restored probably. But I do understand the reluctance to have it end up looking like new, you dont want that.

Think about purpose and whether you actually like it.  Don’t restore it for the sake of it.  Work out what you’re going to use it for and whether restoring it and paying for the restoration will give you a piece of furniture you actually like / need 

Just a follow up on this.

Predictably for me, it’s not a Queen Anne table.

It’s probably 1840-1850. 

And has been repaired before. So is worth peanuts.

It’ll cost a fair whack to restore and will still be worth peanuts.

rof decides: auction it for a pittance so it’s someone else’s problem or spend the money anyway.

As the others have said do you like it and have a need for it?

I have a garage full of old wooden furniture from my folks that I don't need but can't find the enthusiasm to sell because I'll get about £10 for it after auction fees.

I do like it, I don’t have a need for it, my father in law was keen for me to have it before he died. I feel obliged to get it restored because of that. Just didn’t anticipate throwing a load of money at it.

You wont get anything for it at auction, dont bother.

knickknacks and photos on it might cover up the worst.

I have my granny’s and it had been living in a south facing bay wondow so all faded, it has sentimental value. I might get it done at some point.

Also: I have inherited a load of “brown” furniture, our house is fairly contemporary. I have found that smaller items look quite fabulous so long as no more than one or two pieces in a room, esp with a good colour on the walls to contrast (duck egg blue looks great).

Minkie, fancy setting up a seaside B&B with me? We appear to be ad idem in matters of importance.