Satan's own fish or salty deliciousness?

Personally I'm happy to east them straight out of the tin.

As a salty sea dog this is a prerequisite no? That and drinking your own wee?

I prefer Baldrick's as it has a better bouquet and a top note of turnip.

Yep, straight from the tin, or even better with a bit of continental butter and some sliced shallots on toasted crusty bread.

I quite like them in some pasta I make with chilli in it.

 Versatile flavour enhancers in the right context -  a decent quality pizza, pasta, patum pepperium. 

love them. i mash them up with raw garlic and fry with onion for base of a pasta sauce.

Dalgleish that is a bit like what I do. Fried into onion, garlic and chilli.

Agree blindtom -  with that base you can literally make any sauce v delicious.

the very dessicated ones stored in salt or oil have a lovely firm texture. But better still are the fillets with skins on and fresh brined fillets. You get these particularly in the Pyreneean coast of France/North East spain - the Catalan/Catalonian country - where they eat something called Escalivade which is truly a taste of heaven.

Strips of anchovy fillet interlaced with strips of skinned red peppers which have been bottled in herb oil. Tastes of thyme and rosemary alongside that sweet and soft pepper flesh with an equally soft, sharp and salty fish fillet with skin and silvery that it twinkles like a knife blade in the sun. A glass of dry Muscat on the side and some pain rustique. mmm