Amber Rudd

Has gone from believing no deal will cause ”generational damage” to our economy and security to now saying it is an acceptable outcome

What a self serving treacherous areshole


may she rot in hell for selling her country down the river for the sake of her career

I thought you said people were allowed to change their minds?

Are Amber Rudd and Liz Truss the same person? 

Have difficulty separating them in my mind

They are allowed to change their minds but that is quite a change of heart in the space of a couple of months - do you not think it likely it is to do with her career rather than a genuine change of view?

If not you may be the most naïve person in the country...

Oh sorry, you mean people can change the minds the other way. Righto.

No, why would you think I mean that?  I mean a genuine change of mind, either way, is fine, but a nakedly self interested purported change of mind simply to benefit your career is not.

She hasn't changed her mind though. She still knows no deal is a terrible idea.

Her and Jo Johnson can do one. Careerists. If I believed in brexit would not want glad flies like that on my side. They could turn back very easily. Rudd may well lose her seat. Good.

Showing the flexibility we will require to make a success of Brexit. Destined for the top!

Her career is going to be short lived come the autumn , doesn’t she have a majority of about 10?

I quite liked her when she was an arch-Remainer and now she's a half-hearted Brexiteer I haven't changed my mind.