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ShootyMcShootyface 12 Jul 19 09:44
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So, obviously, I fast forwarded through the sub-Ellen DeGeneres presenter bits, and the 3 artistes that no one cares about (though I might check out the Dua Lipa bit later if I get REALLY bored) and went straight for the Taylor set.

Not bad. The performance of "You Need To Calm Down" was good. Small venue doesn't really seem to suit her. It was reminiscent of Top Of The Pops. She looks good with a few extra pounds on her. 

Would recommend. 

OMFG no, it was a car crash....I watched it with one of my younger teenagers.


The obv mahoosive fakery of it all was cringeoverload and the sound quality (with complete cut outs for swearing) was terrible

2 or 3 good songs max


The other, second rate, performers: maybe.

La Swift: Never.

Agreed on the fakery. 

Agreed on the sound quality.

But she still rocks.