Am I unfeminist to find this woman a bit wet?

Seems like she is full of self loathing about the fact that she likes older men.  Strange.

Many women prefer older men, admittedly a schoolgirl (albeit 17) and a 29 year old is creepy as fuck but my age difference is greater than that and it seems fine but I guess because we are both adults.

She doesn't like older men, that's not the point of it at all.

She specifically says she's worried men her age will want to date teenagers. 

Because when she was a teenager she was dating older men herself.  I think she is in denial of her desires.  Like stix about me.

it’s all about natural selection. If women find a male trait attractive they will select for it and status is a big one that comes with age. Others like aggression which is why many men are aggressive. 

Someone needs to reread their evolutionary psychology 101 primer...

"She specifically says she's worried men her age will want to date teenagers."

No shit. She doesn't want the competition *now*. When she was 17-18, she *was* the competition so she was absolutely fine with it. 

I think part of the point is that it's creepy that men see children as preferable alternatives to women their own age. There is no compelling "because insemination" argument when the older woman is only 29 it's just a bit gross.

I mean people can't help what they like but shudder. 

I don't know how I feel about the younger her. I don't think it's right to cast her as a victim exactly.

Are there really that many men in their late 20s involved with teenagers?

Suspect if she's not having much success with men of her age it has more to do with her personality. A bit wet is one way of putting it.

I think life is extremely scary for young people these days. It's easy to feel entirely replaceable in such a competitive world because basically one is.

I am not sure I will be able to adjust to being in my forties so I'm not judging her for having the fear. More for thinking that teenagers are sexy that's creepy meg.

Just read it. Self indulgent stuff. We were all young once.

It’s also ridiculous to think at 29 shes over the sexual hill 

i doubt she actually thinks so it’s just a journalistic long game to write the follow up “oh I thought I felt old *then*” article at 35, 40 etc 

The cynic in me completely agrees with Linda on this.  I mean some people don’t find their sexual liberation until they’re in their mid fifties - look at Badman for example.

The bit about "ofc loads of men wanted me DESPERATELY" makes me find her unlikeable.

Isn’t your married lover like 100 years olds than u tho?

It's like a really tedious version of when did you stop beating your wife

We are pretty cool but I don't think we invented the concept of logic

Btw clergs, I’m not judging you m4.  To her friends, the redhead has a married lover.  Despite how long I’ve been separated, I’m still married.