All the gear, no idea

My camera just got delivered.  Prepare to be bamboozled with crap photography, I’m gonna set up a website to track my journey from utterly clueless to ungifted but enthusiastic amateur

All the best, good luck and enjoy.

Trust you'll keep continuing to try to dox Wang with transparent requests to send stuff to him directly 'cos your wifi is down / Weatherspoons is shut / it's cloudy in Cornwall, etc etc... ;)

Just because my camera bought on a whim is worth more than your freezerclockfishbowl don’t get snarky with me young lady.

I’ve sent wang plenty of unsolicited stuff - he even replies sometimes.  Rare but it happens.  Not sure what doxing is.

Doesn’t doxing mean putting someone?  How can me sending an email to someone’s nonny in any way be outing them?


Anyway wang knows far more about me than I can remember about him in real life so *shrug* you’re talking wank.

Which camera did you buy? I need a new one.

Although I'm a point and shoot kind of gal and I bet you've bought one with massive phallic interchangeable lenses

I got the Fuji x t20 kit which came with a 15-45 lens as advised by Rof.

Queenie - on the other Tec thread on this I said I highly recommend the Panasonic Lumix. Supes got all arse-sore and sarccy because I suggested his 'zoom with your feet' advice was bollox.

If you want a fantastic point and shoot (with great zoom) have a look at them. They're the only non-Leica cameras to have Leica lenses too (or were last time I was looking).


but good grief I ain't spending that kind of dough, was thinking around more of the £250-£300 mark!!




Well I had an unexpected bit of cash knocking around that I’d forgotten about so figured I’d put some of it towards a new hobby.  There’s a camera club here too which I’m going to next week as a complete beginner so hopefully some social stuff can come from it too, god only knows I need it.

I bet you've bought one with massive phallic interchangeable lenses

I appeared in a photo that my daughter's school posted to twitter from her sports day.  Due to the fairly long cross body camera strap I use the camera and all 12 inches of its lens were interestingly... positioned.

I did the camera hobby thing (everyone goes through this phase right?).

Best way to feel good about your purchase is to book on a half day groupon course for about £50 and traipse around with 5-7 other newbies lead by an ex-photojournalist/cover photo photographer type so you at least get a day out of using it.

The worst part is when you realise you still act like a tourist with it and take standard photos of big ben, buckingham palace, your local woodland area etc and actually all those awesome photos on Pinterest/Insta/Facetwit are photoshopped massively and learning to post-process carries none of the joy of photography ...  learning photoshop/lightroom is tedious and boring and so you end up with 635GB of RAW files on your portable hard drive that you can't be bother to sort through.

Enjoy the camera!

Cartier-Bresson being famous for his use of zoom lenses, of course.

That’s cool jubilee but I think my camera group will fill that void :). I’m already pretty informed on photoshop, decades spent using it but getting to the point where post production isn’t so necessary is the aim!

I also don't know what DOXd means.  If it is sending rude photos of (not) yourself to other people over email, he is not the person on this thread who has so done.


Good post by and advice from Jubilee.

re: Wang's - FAOD I am not the person on this thread who has done so either.

Enjoy Teclis! I just splurged on ebay on a second-hand Fuji 35 f2, now I err, just need the camera body as I'm already committed to go full Fuji.

Have you taken it for a quick spin yet?