All aboard with Anders Brevik

Oh you are trying to be funny, you utterly despicable bbcgobbler.  

I think the OP is implying it would be a good thing if - taking advantage of the fact that a number of principled and articulate advocates of the obvious fact that mankind is on a fast track to climate doom unless we seriously revise the way we relate to the planet and consume resources will, apparently, be in one place - a Breivik-style terrorist mentalist wth a tinfoils-hatted grudge to bear were to execute them all.

This is, of course, the kind of thing only an idiot would find funny and only someone with a mentally ill fantasist take on world affairs would actually post on the internet.

Er no, just that she looks eerily similar to AB.

She does a bit, but more like the Addams Family kid tbf

It's really weird how many conservative men are threatened by a little girl from Sweden with mental illness


I'm not sure "threatened" is the word. Probably annoyed.

It's still pretty weird to wish harm to a child.

Is it just me or does Aaron Banks not look like Chief Inspector Dreyfus from the Pink Panther films?

I'm pretty sure about threatened that's what becoming obsessed and needing to rant and rave daily means

? I just think it's pretty weird to talk about how you think a 16-year-old girl looks like a psycho or might hopefully die in a yachting accident. Not sure what it is about her that makes people say this stuff


sorry, yes that is weird (as mentioned above)

I thought you were indicating that you'd bum her inna swift minute