Alevels and degree class no longer considered by big4

I had no idea they had changed their entry conditions, and they no longer consider work experience. It used to be (BBB) at level and 2:1. This is designed to ensure that they do not excluded applications from ppl from a disadv background. Instead they are using online test as a cut off. Are law firms going to do something similar? I wonder if this had any sort of impact; do they have more grads with DDE and 3rd class degrees?

Above applies to EY.

PWC have removed the alevel requirement but have kept the degree requirement.

In reality they will be recruiting mainly the same people as before I suspect 

I have met auditors who can barely hold a conversation in English ffs. This is hardly a surprise.

Doesn't this only really work if you're recruiting on the basis of people having no prior related knowledge?  I guess there are some people who study accountancy at uni then go into it as a profession but generally people going into law are expected to have prior knowledge of law.

They'll all be replaced by robots within a decade anyway

Scratching head over this one. 

The “diversity” movement has clearly criticized them for using “A”-level results and degree class.  Presumably these are somehow unfair, despite being based on public examinations marked impartially and anonymously.  

How is their own company test not going to be subject to the same kind of challenge?

Having seen the quality of EY's legal advice, I think they should be raising not lowering standards. 

Wellers agreed - a lot of them are basically human robots anyway. Totally devoid of personality.