Alcohol free 2 days/week

I don’t drink huge amounts but I actually find this quite hard - and I’ve started and stopped smoking like 4 times

I usually have a few beers per evening. 3-4 small cans or bottles.

PNHB - sane. I’m not a big drinker except a binge on a Friday but I find it pretty hard to go even a couple of days a week without a few beers (I do this because I read it’s good for your liver to flush it out). I’m like a very moderate alcoholic. But still an alcoholic!

I only drink once or twice (Friday and/or Saturday) a week.  Struggling to manage alcohol free days is a tad alarming surely (the struggle being the point)...

And that is all well and good BUT if you struggle to not have alcohol/cigarette/other illicit substance then that indicates an addiction which is never a positive thing...

Addiction isn't really a helpful word when it comes to alcohol, because very few people are actually addicted to alcohol and therefore they use this to deny there's an issue (such as laz above).

if you struggle to get through a day or two without a drink there's certainly a dependent behaviour and that's not ideal, especially as use of any drug tends to escalate over time. 


I'm doing a 'sober September' for at least part of September. I may struggle this coming weekend as we're having friends round



Yeah like anyone believes you.

(About having friends, I mean)

I'm trying to wean myself off my psychological dependence on alcohol. I don't drink much either--during the workweek usually one drink with dinner, and not every day. I do like the IDEA of kicking back and having a drink after work. But on Saturday and Sunday aternoons I might spend a couple of hours at my local reading and having a couple of pints. It's shyte Sam Smith beer so doesn't take much for me to get slightly tipsy. Again, it's more the IDEA of spending some time in a pub reading that appeals.

The older I get the less I drink.  If I have it with dinner, I have a mini-hangover whilst trying to get through witching hour with the kids then crash on the sofa.  Even a couple of drinks makes me feel more sluggish the next day, which is cumulative.  If I go on a bender (I can stick it away, truth be told) I feel like shit for days.  Over all I'm better off hardly touching it.  Welcome to being 40 you old farter.

I only drink twice a week.

Once for three days and once for four days

I think if you find it hard to get through a normal evening at home without a drink, that's not a good sign.

I only really find it hard not to drink at events where there is an expectation that everyone will drink and there is champagne/wine/beer on tap and few decent soft options. I've done Dry January/Sober October a few times and found it tougher towards the end, because I don't like not drinking for long periods of time, or going to a pub and not being able to have beer or wine with my food. (The soft drinks options are usually crap when you go out as well.)

But at home? No. Sometimes I'll get to a Friday night after a long week and think, "I neeeed a glass of wine/G&T", but I don't really.

Drinking is more pleasurable when you're doing it because you want to rather than because you need to.

I tried to stop smoking about a dozen times but now 4 months without- keep trying!

Generally, I am not sure why very light drinkers post on threads like this to say they are very light drinkers.     Just seems to be smuggery.

And as for PP - if you have one drink with a meal and not every night and a couple of pints at the weekend you do not have to "wean" yourself of anything - get a grip man.

It's not smuggery I've just never seen the appeal of drinking on my own.  If I've had a hard week and I'm not going out at the weekend I might have a beer or two to help unwind into the weekend on Friday night but that's about it.  Similarly if I'm not working and it's a sunny day I might venture to the pub to read the paper but that's more about not having a garden and wanting to sit in the sun somewhere while I read that it is about having a drink.

Generally, I am not sure why very light drinkers post on threads like this to say they are very light drinkers.    

How do you define a "very light drinker"? I'm not sure I would consider myself one.

I haven't had an alcoholic drink for 56 years now. Never that bothered in the first place. Found it really easy to stop. Don't miss it at all. 

Anna I thought that as well as I don't drink on my own but give me some company in a pub and I'll polish off a barrel of lager.

I do sometimes drink on my own if I want to, and on a night out I will probably drink a little heavier than most of the people I am with. But I don't go on nights out that often, so it's usually just a couple of glasses of wine with dinner 3-4 days a week.

Finding it hard to wind down after work without a beer or a G&T is a sign of dependency, but it's not necessarily a troubling one any more than needing a cup of coffee to get going in the morning is. 

I was definitely like that for a while and went to the effort to wean myself off and now rarely drink at home, but tbh it made absolutely zero difference to my life or how I feel generally. I definitely didn't start springing out of bed full of vim and energy because I resisted the urge to drink a can of lager the night before. 

Never had booze issues, pot more like, but now only week ends

albeit coke is a bit of a WE fixture now...maybe not all WEs but there is a trend..

I have a strange relationship with cigarettes.  Can't resist one when I've got a drink in my hand but can then go a week without even thinking about having one.

"And as for PP - if you have one drink with a meal and not every night and a couple of pints at the weekend you do not have to "wean" yourself of anything - get a grip man."


That's what I have been telling myself and what I want to hear, but Teclis put the fear of god in me with his talk about right brain atrophy or whatever it is.

I'm another one of those weirdos who doesn't drink on my own. That would explain why my drinks cabinet was so full until fairly recently, what with living on my own n all that.

I don't really *need* a drink unless it's a combination of anticipating arranged drinks and genuine thirst or on a hot day so I think I'm fine.

Alcohol dependency can be a big issue though, particularly around facing up to there being a problem. It's so easy to brush off and dumb down.

It’s not wanting to get shitfaced though it’s just wanting to have a few drinks at night. I’ve been going a couple of days a week free but it’s definitely not easy and harder than I expected.


i think it’s partly a calorie thing though as there’s quite a few calories in a few beers

I remember hearing something about being careful completely abstaining if you are someone who drinks ever day ??

You would have to drink a LOT every day for that to be an ishoo 


For example, if you drank a bottle of wine a day and immediately stopped altogether, it’s possible you would suffer 

Lol -  wot Linda said.  You have to be a very heavy drinker to go into dangerous withdrawal. 

I really don’t think a bottle of wine a night would be enough unless you were very very small

Moderate drinking every day you should consider a taper rather than just stopping completely but it should only take a couple of days to get down to 2 units.  From there you can stop with minimal risk.

"For example, if you drank a bottle of wine a day and immediately stopped altogether, it’s possible you would suffer "

depends what you mean by suffer - couple of nights of broken sleep yes; multiple organ failure no

Various factors involved depending on length of drinking, frequency, other health issues. Basically best not to stop suddenly 

I think this is being massively over cautious - people who are physically dependent on alcohol know it and of course should not go cold turkey.   A few drinks a night can be stopped perfectly safely, with the only side effect being as linda says, difficultly getting to sleep or possibly a spot of restlessness. 

I have had periods in my life of heavy drinking (2 bottles of wine a night for months) with psychological dependency but without physical dependency and stopped with no problems at all.

People who are dependent on alcohol do not necessarily know it, or, knowing it deep down, are in massive denial about it.  Plus it is entirely possible to be psychologically dependent on it in order to cope with massive unhappiness (as I was) and not physiologically dependent.  Which is in some ways much harder to treat.  It's no joke though.  Remember Osama?

Likewise Badders ,I definitely had a psychological dependency and was drowning out other issues in my life, but equally knew I wasn't physically dependent.

True dolomite, and I don't pretend 2 bottles a night wont lead to physical dependency for many, but the OP is talking about a "few beers".   If he/she literally means 2-3 beers, there will not be an issue.

Osama stopped posting last year.  Several people have tried emailing him (including myself) to no avail.   Working assumption is he's brown bread, which is horrifying.

I cut back on drinking.  The first step was logging precisely what I was drinking for a month or two.

I realised that I was consistently putting away 50 units a week - never getting shitfaced.  In my head I was more like 20-30

It was affecting my sleep, weight and athletic performance quite badly...

Everything that Badman has said so far.  I am 6'3"  - not exactly featherweight.

Going cold turkey after 50 units a week gave me no problems at all.

Oh dear I hadn’t realised it had been that long. Poor guy

Yes, just checked and the last email I received from him was 5 October 2018 after hew was admitted to hospital in June or July.   He'd been very ill with liver trouble then sepsis.  Was told never to drink again.  Am assuming he didn't heed that admonition and literally drank himself to death.  Poor bastard.

Poor guy could have died even if he stopped. It's a killer once you get to his consumption 

I was probably more like 60 or 70 units a week including about 8 - 10 pints on a Friday (lots of heavy drinking shipping/property friends).

but yeah I’m a big and quite athletic guy 6”2 and about 12 stone so don’t notice it much.

also I agree that I feel literally no better on non drinking days waking up than after having 3 or 4 pints the night before. Literally no different. That ‘oh I can’t get out of bed after a glass of wine’ stuff that some healthy girls say is just nonsense to me. It must be a weight thing or something but a glass of wine I will hardly feel a thing - at the time or the morning after

Fucking hell 42?! My line manager is 43! I’m 33! How much was this guy drinking to have problems like this at that age?! Was he able to work?!

Maybe back when he was 33 he was only drinking 60 to 70 units a week and struggling to stay sober two nights.


But tbf all these people saying "I can wait until Friday before I drink myself into oblivion" or "I went a whole month without booze to prove I'm not an alcy and then I got straight back on it, worse than befiore" are just as bad. 

Think he ran away from work.  At my worst I was on two bottles of vodka a day - 80 units per day.  I think he was similar at one point.  Took me ages to taper down to nothing.   I was very lucky.

I sometimes have a casual drink now but never spirits and rarely more than a couple of pints or glasses of wine.


I think my alcohol consumption crept up slowly as I became wealthier and I had more responsibilities at work.  I think that's how it goes for many people.

What was he drinking? I have a bottle of wine every night with my dinner and maybe a couple of bottles of lager. 

Weekends I was drinking a bottle and 4 beers , maybe 2/3 pints at the pub. Can’t remember the last time I was remotely pissed. My GP feigned horror but did admit the weekly unit limit was completely arbitrary. I think just 20 years ago it was 60 units.

compare and contrast with what you drank at uni . For me I drank every day and was completely hammered 5 out of the seven nights 

2 bottles of Kremlin de-icer a day? That is going some.

Well a bottle of wine is 9-12 units depending on strength.  Couple of beers could be anything from 4-6 units.

Assuming the worst that’s 18 units a day, everyday which is quite high and as you age you’ll need to cut back to avoid permanent liver damage, high blood pressure, pancreas issues, to name just a few I imagine. 

Personally I wouldn’t believe any doctor would be comfortable with a patient who had that level of consumption, did he suggest tapering down?


She did yes . So I ditched the Peroni for ages tbf it used to be four beers and a bottle every day and 4/5 pints in the pub on Friday and Saturday.

i never drink spirits, apart from a gin now and then in the pub. Probably 2 a month maximum 

Ebitda - I wasn’t working.  I functioned by waking up, having a vodka with water to get me up and just continuously drank throughout the day.  No idea how I functioned, understandably I don’t have many memories from that period.

Very serious a bottle is only 3 /4 glasses . 

A guy I used to play snooker with was 5”5, weighed 23 stone , was always eating . He never touched spirits but drank 20 pints a day 

he was admitted to hospital this summer weighing 25 stone he went into a coma and sadly passed away. It was his second admission. The first they tried to operate but it was to dangerous apparently 

I’m less similar to EBITDA and closer to Vertigo. I got shitfaced at uni but in pretty organised and discrete sessions whereas nowadays I’m a lot richer and my work targets are so much vaguer. ‘Hey computer man, you know about computers and have done that thing before....can we do this thing?’ ‘I don’t know I’ve never seen this before’ ‘look into it’ ‘for how long? At what point do you want me to say I can’t or can do it?! How much is it worth to the company vs other projects?’

’I don’t know computer man! Do your computer thing!’

’ok, lol?!’

Ebitda - a bottle of wine is three large glasses which depending on strength is 9-12 units usually. It runs away from you without realising doesn’t it.

Imagine chinning a bottle of wine in three glasses every night and pretending that's normal!

Standard bottle of white like Chablis or pino Grigio . At uni was hard to keep track what with law firm and bank sponsored events 3 times a week at least .

certainly a bottle or two 6 cans loads of shots sometimes so much I couldn’t recall, difficult to say no when slaughter and may or CC give u a free bar 

I'm glad I've given up.  It wasn't doing me any good, and when I was pissed turned me into a boorish, self-pitying wanker (I thought, of course, that I was being funny and charming).  People were worried about me, but I was in too much denial about how unhappy I was to listen to them.  So I took more responsibilities (inside work and outside of it) to try and feel fulfilled and plug the horrible loneliness and emptiness.   And poured more booze in to ensure I didn't have to think about it.  All pretty sad really.  Just shows how corrosive having a fortress mentality and bottling things up can be.

I don’t think a bottle of wine a night is that unusual. I know a lot of tradesmen and people in shipping and property who would easily do the equivalent of that units-wise in beer most nights.

What Teclis is talking about is properly hardcore and good for him he tapered down but people like question mark person are scaremongering. I have friends who are doctors and they drink a few beers a night and if they honestly thought it was damaging them permanently then I doubt they would. And they’d know

What a way to go, it sounds like he had a hard time of it.

Sorry but I respectfully disagree.  Doctors I know smoke, they know the damage it does and still smoke.  Just because they are taking a better informed risk with their consumption doesn’t mean anyone should seek to emulate them.

At the least you should aim for a single 48 hour period every week with no alcohol purely to give your liver some time to recover.  Constant mid level consumption of alcohol may not be as dramatic a risk as multiple bottles of voddy day but long term it does come with a large amount of damage to your body and risk of some very nasty stuff.

Yes, he was a troubled guy.  Quite lovely, but deeply troubled.

A bottle of wine and four beers ever day is the same number of units as a bottle of vodka every day.

It is a lot.

Don’t people worry above being over the limit the next day? Would’ve thought a bottle of wine would easily put you over the limit if 9-12 units 

Elizabeth Loudon ended up having to wheel her husband along the Fulham Road to St Stephens in a supermarket trolly, after ambulance crews gave up on him

She was careful to take a bucket with her for when he started puking up blood

He was allowed a liver transplant because he was also cancerous, but still carried on drinking 

He died early 

Poor Os. He was one of the nicest posters on ROF.

No chance you are over the limit from 9-12 units the day before. 

Need to have a fair skinful and/or be up really late for that

Gwen, I agree

Linda - you disagree with everything anyway and sorry but you do seem to miss a lot of what’s said here and I am not on here that much!


I am not a Bretho, but if you drink say 9 units in an evening, and it takes 1 hour to process a unit, then unless you’re driving before mid day, you stinky no? 

Heh @ the idea that "doctors I know drink a lot, so it must be fine!" Horrible logic

No GP needs to "feign horror" at someone sinking a bottle of wine a night, that level of consumption is excessive for sure.

Do you have me confused with someone else Dolomite?

Osama used to go on long board spamming rampages, randomly insult people and be actively nasty to lots of people who tried to be nice to him. If you're not here much, maybe you missed it?

hopefully he's just dried out and moved on with his life anyway 

For a long time I was only an occasional lurker so I must have missed lots of stuff. When I eventually started posting I was at a very low ebb and Osama was kind to me. I didn't see any nasty posts from him, just gentle humour and lots of jokes.

I really hope he is ok.

Dolomite 1 unit per hour is the absolute minimum you absorb for most people it is more like 2

you start taking units away from when you start drinking not fri  when you finish 

tou are legal to drive with around 4 units on board

in short a bottle of wine in the evening and a normal start the next day and you are fine 

Osama used to successfully combat leftists on here Gwen

Hence the negative comments  

I feel sad for that chap. And yeah it sounds like ebitda is probably drinking a bit too much but tbh I know a lot of people who drink too much (usually blokes) and they seem to do ok

Same I know lots of folk that put away a bottle of wine each night. Seems the norm? I like a red and will maybe drink 3 bottles a week 

I actually managed three days last week - Friday Saturday and Sunday. I often find it easier not drink on weekends tbh.

A bottle of wine a night might be the norm among the people you know, but that doesn't mean it's a healthy level of consumption.

Guy notwithstanding the health risks, the absorption of alcohol into one’s system and processing thereof has huge variables, weight, food consumption etc.

people need to know their own limits as well as what is legal for driving - I for example will not drive after even half a small glass of wine if no food. A half of bitter shandy with some crisps is about my pub limit.

Hope Ossun is alright.  Early 40s is statistically young for booze to be fatal, even if chronic boozing without other factors weighing in.

I've been on a bottle of voddy++ a day for periods of time and, as in many, many others' cases, have prospered in my job with no ill-effect, professionally.

Have had to think about my intake more seriously since my BP was clocked at 200/140 a few months ago and haven't had such a hard time winding down the booze.

By UK standards I prolly drink too much but the scare of having a stroke in the bum-fuck country I live in and missing my baby daughter growing up can't have hurt ambitions to cut down.  Piss on stopping drinking entirely - like someone above alluded to, booze makes boring things better..

Good luck Ossy.  Have one on me.

Brrrapp did you say a bottle plus of vodka a day!? I will ask you the same question as I did for Tec, how did you manage/function/work?

A big night out in the weekend , renders me being in bed the next day until 3.00 and I never drink a bottle of vodka on a big night out or anywhere near.

Bottle of wine a night may be unhealthy but it is perfectly possible to do most jobs at that level. There have been periods of years and years in my life when I have been drinking that and more (plus big binges on the weekend) and I still did OK career wise.  There are only 10-12 units in a bottle of wine. 

Bottle of vodka a day is a very different league though. 

Someone above said a bottle of wine and four cans of lager is the same number of units as a bottle of vodka. It's not, its about half as much booze (unless the lager is tenants super or sommat).