Al Pacinos Partner to give birth in the next month

He is 83. First his mate De niro at 79, and now him. Must be something in the water. Congrats to them anyway.

Wouldn't you feel weird about being very likely to die while your youngest is still at school?

I mean they'll be rich so I guess fine in overall terms plus losing a parent isn't unheard of and people get on with it but still. Bit tragedy baked in.

What Davos said...

But yes I do think it is weird to want to have child you pretty much know you won't see graduate and there is a better than evens chance you will die when they are so young they won't even remember you. 

I don’t know his circumstances but I suspect this is more about securing the mothers financial future without working rather than anything to do with the kid

I mean yeah love is love, whatever (and would I judge a terminally ill guy for wanting a baby? no) it just all seems very narcissistic with guys like this

I guess fundamentally the women are the deciders

Al's placcy surgery is so unattractive I wonder if they do it with the lights out

I might feel weird becoming a new dad at 83, yes, but that’s his business not mine.

Judging other people because you’d feel weird in their shoes is, in and of itself, weird.

if she was my 29 year old daughter, she'd get a good slap(per). She's been through Mick Jagger (79), a billionaire art collector (61), and possibly also Clint Eastwood (91). Also not that attractive - or am I wrong there?

it's funny how women can be gerontophiles and nobody minds

a guy doing the same would be on everyone's mental sex offender list

(even though women live longer and for longer in reasonable nick)

I can see why you would say that but, actually now I reflect on it, I have only ever dated men with perfect vision 

dunno what their problem was