Is this the new “ emergency” now Covid and Climate have run out of steam? 

The new emergency humankind faces is a world without the reassuring presence of Phil and Holly. 

Genuinely a climate sceptic. Not as to the fact there is slight warming, just as to whether it is anthropogenic, or if it is to what extent. Perhaps curious is a better word. 

Love your pathological need to believe that everyone that disagrees with you is in fact only one person, Risky. 

Can anybody post anything in the public domain that explains why people should fret about AI? And I don’t mean some boreatron waffling on incoherently about gazillions of lawyers losing their jobs. 

no there is no fvcking “oh dear”, risky, there is no fvcking oh dear

climate change is clearly, unambiguously and absolutely scientifically proven to be a real, pressing and terrifying threat to humanity now grow the fvck up or get in the ever-rising sea.

“clim7 sceptic” is entirely inappropri7

sceptic implies too much rationality

“clim7 crank” is probably most accur7 but 4 balance “religious clim7 denialist” is ok

at times, the diceman approach 2 life is quite admirable

“i don’t understand it it’s too complex there4 it’s wrong!!! now some1 put it in words of 1 sy lab ull or else i deny!!”

prob achieves much 2bf

To be clear, I’m a sceptic of AImageddon. But not of man made climate change, that’s a fact, and it’s a very fvcking real and severe one that’s coming to chew off your face now wise the fvck up. Time to round the doubters up, tbh

the clim7 is not all man made, obviously, wot sort of a stupid point is that

there r obviously man made impacts on the clim7, only a denialist moron of creationist variety would not b able 2 comprehend that, given it’s really basic science - if u emit greenhouse gases, there will b a greenhouse effect

If the man made impact is small, is Net Zero a proportionate response, taking into account the (also) positive effects of higher temperatures and increased Co2?

Hard agree with laz

Anyone denying the climate crisis is doing so purely to make themselves seem interesting (in their own eyes) in place of an actual personality

See also anti-vaccers 

Laz, have you asked yer handler how many new coal power stations that China has opened in the past month?

Climate change isn't an emergency any more than terminal illness is. The end will happen no matter what you do so why wouldn't you try to make your final days pleasant?

On ai, I think there's a small chance techbros are purposefully stoking the panic to big up their products. Although I am worried about it becoming the equivalents of global emp when we have to switch off all the computers.

Climate change is a terminal illness....for the earth and everything (well most things, including Humans) on it 

Climate change isn't an emergency

From the throbber who has a panic attack every time a small group of youths cross her path or the train station is a bit busy this is quite a take. 

Climate change isn't an emergency any more than terminal illness is. The end will happen no matter what you do so why wouldn't you try to make your final days pleasant?

Jeez. So much wrongness in such a short space. 

AI is already yesterday's risk if today's slightly hyperbolic Times is to be believed:

New regulations may be needed to prevent “mind-reading” technology being misused to reveal private thoughts, the information watchdog has said.

A report from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says devices that can harvest information directly from the brain are set to become increasingly common. 

I love how you all kneejerk... But you know it's true. Whether you live in a cave until you die of natural causes without seeking carbony treatments for them or you continue your life exactly as it is, the outcome will be the same. You are one of 8bn. And apparently we have to fight population decline 🤣

"but you know it's true" 

Nope. The only thing I know is I want to leave a better world for my kids - in all aspects - and not some firey death ball 

Our pal risky seems to building up a new sockpuppet army for purposes only he knows but we also know too. 

Here you go:

No flights

no cows

unaffordable energy

unaffordable cars

wind turbines chopping up birds, ruining the landscape, emitting a weird humming noise like you

no meat

Doesn’t sound great to me, when nobody knows whether it’s necessary or not

The issue with climate change is very few are prepared to give up their own quality of life for the cause they claim to believe in.

Most people on this board probably have a few overseas holidays a year, at least one (possibly 2) nice big engined cars etc etc...and will not be willing to do anything about it.

But the little person driving the 15 year old diesel and their 10 days in Mallorca on Easyjet is the enemy.