Age gaps

Specifically where the woman is older.

How big is too big?  Asking for a friend.

delighted to see this one slowly tun like Geoff boycott.


I was 37, you were 17

You were half my age
The youth I'd never seen...

Of course many such older woman/younger man relationships these days are not entirely unrelated to the latter party's immigration status.

Kinda depends on their individual circumstances. Particularly if it's a much younger man who in the throes of romance may well want to be with an older woman, but later on down the years he wants children, then it's not really a good liaison to invest time into imho.

If he's been snipped and the woman sterilsed and no children are wanted on either side then that's when an age gap relationship would be perfect - again, imho. 


Ahh that does sound like a bit of a curious spot, Meh. 

But they fell in love once and built on it, it is all irrelevant, I suppose. 

My grandmother was 10 years older than my grandad.  It did not matter - only issue is what they want and their respective level of maturity.