Adverts from your childhood...

...that have stuck with you.


the Coco Cola ad where they all file into a big room and sing in Technicolor about how great this fizzy drink is and it brings people together.

"and we all will be there, Coca Cola to share...."

I still pretty much know the whole thing off by heart, even now!

Actually, I remember a ton more.


What can you remember as a kid?



Loads but mostly because they were reinforced by being made fun of it various films.

I remember the "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" advert that was mentioned in Mad Men.

Waynes Would referenced loads, especially the Calgon ones ("Calgon, take me away!" "We need more Calgon! Ancient Chinese secret eh?") the shampoo adds ("and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on , and so on and so on")

Airplane had a few good ones too ("Hmmm, Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home...")

1 The Carling Black Label squirrel

2 Gorgeous Joan Collins in the Campari adverts

3 All the Hamlet ads

For great lager follow the bear...

So misleading as Hofmeister was in fact disgusting.

If I don't drink enuff milk. I'll only be goood enuff to play for Accrinton Stanley!

You do the shake and vac and put the freshness back. Do the shake and vac and put the freshness back!

Also the toy r us adverts. There's millions says Geoffrey all under one roof... RIP dude.

Vitalite. Do they still even make that?

Don't push me! Pusha pushpop me!

I remember Stephen Fry in the Abdullah Bulbul Ameer beer advert, which I later discovered by reading his autobiog was his first paid acting job

We used to do a drinking game on this at rugby.  Love the Accrington Stanley one - my m7 dave and his brother who emigrated to Oz in about 94 still do that skit to the bemusement of their aussie chums.

Carling black label squirrel ad was the finest ad ever made.


Finger of fudge

Red car and the blue car had a race

Do the shake & vac & put the freshness back

Ruddles OOOOOOH real ale

First time, first love, what a feeling is this (robin beck, coke?)

Stiltskin, Inside (levis I think)



Chocolatey biscuit with a willy inside...


The worter in Majorka dun't taste like wot it orrtta.

HIPPOPOTAMOUSSE from Chambourcyyyyyy

Come on, dive in! 

Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaceman! I always wanted you to goooooooooooooo into space man intergalactic viiiiiiiiiiiiibe!

I'm mildly concerned how my brain just pulled out all the words to the red can and the blue car had a race. Like it was yesterday. Where the hell has that been hiding?!

Of course we do! It's not all werk, werk, werk...

The Nescafé ad with the will they/won’t they neighbours

The Honey Monster 

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, could be in a fix
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, spies the Weetabix
Does he retreat, back to Sherwood?
Course he should, course he should, course he should


Also honourable mentions to part remembered adverts for:

  • Radio Rentals - sub crew fixing leaky boat: "Should've gone to radio Rentals"
  • Carling Black Label - Dambusters, did that pre-date the squirrel?
  • Hamlet Cigars - Photobooth.  
  • Kit Kat - The dancing pandas (or polar bears?) behind the photographer's back
  • Ariston - And on and on and on and on...
  • Tango - You know when you've been stuck in full class detention for mass tango slapping in the playground


Heh, I think the dambusters one was later.  I remember the Tango-geddon.  Kids with popped eardrums everywhere.

What about scotch video with the random skeleton:

I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be

With re-record technology

Any time, night or day,

Re-record or just fade away

It was "Scotch's lifetime guarantee" not "re-record technology...."

Did you come here from paradise?  Nah, Luton Airport.

The cadbury's flake adverts.

It was a time of awakening for me...

Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate tastes like chocolate never tasted before. Naked girl in overflowing bath. That one, Peter?

the booze adverts stick in my mind - probably a good reason to ban them before a watershed time.

Follow the Bear

ILL have a babysham


Were you truly wafted here from paradise? Nah, Luton airport.

was that cinzano? Also: Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter on a plane.

wriggles advert on the bus with the bloke offering the girl gum. Allright now. Boom what an ad. 

"Accrington Stanley who are they?"

Shake n' vac

Can't get quicker than a Kwikfit fitter

Same re the Babysham one Guy. And Hamlet cigars. Couldn't wait to have one which is probably a good reason for banning tobacco advertising.

the late 80s Irn Bru advert that was a piss take of the Coca Cola adverts of the same era, an absolute classic:

Douglas the Butterman Lurpak adverts

the Harry Enfield Dime... Bar... adverts

Oh and as mentioned upthread, the Hamlet adverts


That Irn Bru advert came out when I was really young and confused me for years about what was in the drink!

oh fuck I can't believe its not butter! 

And the Marmite marching advert. 

Heinz Beanz - “when I grow up I’m going to be a proper little madam”

An old favourite from Belfast back in the day: 

"Booze - the Devil's Vomit",

usually side by side with a a billboard advertising Bass. Tennents of some wiskey or other


Yep, in the days before internet porn, the Milk Flake advert was indeed seriously arousing for a pubescent schoolboy...

all seem to have hot girls in in my memory:

Nicole! Papa!

was thinking about Nicole the other day when watching the current Clio ad - o tempora o mores!

H&M “Look what the Swedish au pair is wearing this year”. scantily clad bird draped over sofa. 

French Connection “Clothes you can’t wait to get into” hot bird gets changed on tube train. 




The cadburys caramel bunny.

The a la carte kitchen advert where they made hot beans but this was an utter utter lie.

Keepers! Keepers! What's inside those keepers!?

And the kid who went off on a fairytale adventure because she had a little plastic gold key embedded in a clear disk in the sole of her Clarks shoes.

I wanted to shag the Cadbury's Caramel bunny.  Probably TMI, but there it is.

The ads for Hamlet, Heineken, Flake, Smash, Hovis (ascending the hill to the tune of Dvorjak's 9th Symphony),Honda (the falling cars).

Spoof ad: Fiat, built by robots, driven by Italians (Not The Nine O'Clock News).

Picking up the ...Meh challenge:

[Verse] The red car and the clue car had a race. All Red wanted to do is stuff his face. [Chorus] He eats everything he sees, from trucks to prickly trees (?), but smart old Blue he took the Milky Way. [Bridge/cut-away] He's looking for a chocolate treat that's fluffy and light, 'cos it won't spoil his appetite... [Chorus] Oh no, the bridge is gone, poor old red can't carry on ... but smart old Blue he took the Milky Way.

What a belter. I'm working that out on the piano when I get home.