Adverts you hate and why

At the moment it's the Asda advert.

The plot is - A guy films his own homemade Asda advert, and we're supposed to find his amateurism endearing.


There's one for dominos on channel 4 and I don't understand it because it doesn't make me want dominos at all it's just brightly coloured blobs

Maybe they're just giving up now you can get good pizza in the UK?

Oh sorry Dusty, not here 24/7

Now join in with the thread or bugger off

Can't get angry with old adverts Loopy

It's current adverts only I'm afraid

Don’t be agressive Tom, you utter khunt etc.


I still hate that Oral B woman who can’t work out how to keep her sodding mouth healthy. 

She is the absolute worst.  Also, why can no advert people eat an apple the right way?

One of the many problems with the Asda advert is they've got an actor to play the part of someone making a homemade advert and it doesn't look homemade.

Even the one with the happy singing vegetables Kimmy?

Is that the same Oral B advert where the woman says “I didn’t know Oral B did tooth paste”.  WTF did she think they did? 

I don’t hate the vegetables themselves, just the ad. The veggies are entitled to sing and be happy, good luck to them.    

They don't understand that Kimmy. You've made them sad. They love that vegetable advert and you said you didn't like it.

There's no way back from this now Kimmy.

Not much else to say really.

Also, did the Oral A model of toothbrushes explode or something!

I never see TV adverts these days - all streaming services or Youtube for me.

The kids are now getting exposed to adverts for the first time on Milkshake on Channel 5. They are really susceptible, and want to buy EVERYTHING.

Philip Scofield doing those car ads or when he says why waste time when you can be cuddling with the kittens. I get that he will have been paid but it is a bit weird 

agree dollers

the people responsible for adverts convince themselves that some or other approach will work and that the public will buy in to a particular angle, and disappear up their own arseholes into a world of meaningless wank. they take too many steps away from reality

its like derivatives of derivatives taking hundreds of steps away from the commodity 

That Voxi one that was everywhere at the start of lockdown. "I'm a d d d d dj" 

Fuck off d d d d dickhead

That kvnting Kazoo ad, with the annoying twit saying "Kazoooooooooooooooo", while disappearing into a sofa, and then reemerging to find he has a car.

Shut up, and piss back off into your rancid looking sofa, ta ever so.

PS  - Tom, I think I actually ❤ you. 

Starbucks Trans advert, where they are  wanting to appear ever so woke.

On the other hand, the Clio lezza advert is well good...wink

Buckycarbon agree with most of these.

Mrs Shooty hates the Asda advert. "How do you keep your mouth healthy?" woman is a big no no for me. 

The Voxi guy needs putting down.

Kazoo is awful. And I don't understand why Money Supermarket have got a cow as their mascot. WTF?

Philip Schofield appearing in an advert makes me want to vomit uncontrolably. 

Haven't seen the Starbucks one. It sounds ace frown

I'll add to this list: Any advert that uses "Hello".

Hello fresh

Hello beautiful


I quite like the fat bloke doing the chafing one. That's OK. 

The one with the disco rainbow narwhal was shite too. Think they stopped that one. 

Oh, yeah, the KFC one which has a guys face turn into a cockerel and say "What the cluck?" while playing basketball to a background of rap music.

Stereotyping much?

where do you guys even see these adverts?

genuinely can't remember the last time i watched something live on commercial tv

Drop me an email Cru.

We need to discuss this further.

jonsonjon907 @ the usual

Now where were we?

Ah yes adverts

The Ribena one 

I don't know where to begin

The premise that Ribena (containing 6% juice from concentrate) is produced lovingly on a sleepy English farm by people literally obsessed with blackcurrants who keep stopping work to admire individual berries, for starters


All Christmas adverts ever.  I think they should all be limited by law to retelling the little match girl story where she freezes to death because all people are selfish cnuts  

Ribena is now full of artificial sweeteners and tastes disgusting.

That Ribena advert is ACE.

Only snowflake, bearded, millenial, beta soyboys would find it problematic. 

I know several guys like the one in the advert, who work in IT. Always makes me chortle.

Ribena itself, however, is rank.

Was then, is now, will always be,

only a simpleton would like the Ribena advert

do you like the viagra advert with the "come up and see me" sound track as well shooty

Have to confess that I'm not familiar with that one, old chum.

But then, I don't watch telly at 3am in my bedsit, alone, in my pants. 

Are there any other particular gems I'm missing out on at around that time? 

Black guy, in the middle of an intensely annoying monologue about 'being open like never before' (the fuck?) and 'making my vote count' (oh yeah? you personally are going to ensure that your vote counts?) with a smarmy smile on his face:

I'm gonna lead... like a woman


ZZZOOMMGGG COCA COLA you totally screwed with my inherently racist and patriarchal expectations there!  THANK YOU multinational corporation that routinely whitewashes its adverts in China for showing me the light!

genuinely can't remember the last time i watched something live on commercial tv



glad to hear you don't watch telly at 3am in your bedsit mate

it might disturb your mum

better stick to porn on your phone

the worst of it is it's actually a fucking coke advert threep

I like the surreal Ribena advert with the numenu song.  I sing it to myself all the time 

Thankfully they seem to have stopped running the Voxi one which I agree is annoying. (I have seen a more recent version with a female character; that one is less annoying.)

Oral B Oral B Oral fucking B. TOOTHPASTE! WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!!! Oral health is REVOLUTIONIZED!!!!

The Galbani ones are so bad they're good ...

Ive just watched Des on itv and before that hadn't seen any adverts for ages.  They are all:

1. Mind-numbingly dull; and 

2. The same. 

Any ad for feminine hygiene products. Seriously, we don’t need to know. 

Saw her on stage with gillian Anderson. Lily played a flirty young ingenue

While Lily James is indeed delectable, and that advert is ace, I don't understand how the very mention of "perf with Surf" has failed to turn you all incandescent with rage.

Perf Wiv Surf is trying to get into Shake & Vac territory, where it is so bad that it crosses into memorably brilliant.  I'm not sure it's quite there yet, it is too self-aware.

retail bank adverts where they make out they are social workers rather than a bank

Nationwide Building Society. The ones "A message to myself in six months time". phucking smugfest.


retail bank adverts where they make out they are social workers rather than a bank