advent calendar thread (possible spoilers)

what kind do you have?

what do you make of things so far?

me - lookfantastic

not as well constructed as in previous years - used to be very robust now papery and flimsy

day 1 - scented bathroom reeds (v nice)

day 2 - mositurisey thing (q nice)

I have never owned an advent calendar. Given the items described, how does it work? It seems that it would have to be absolutely ginormous, or that it is a "metaphorical" advent calendar where you are sent things every day?

my children have this…

I don't actually recall ever having an advent calendar which involved anything more than a picture behind a door (which door had been stuck down x years in a row so not much of a surprise) when I was a child.....

I don't really get these adult advent calendars. Sure some might work out as good value but they seem almost totally about making a massive profit for the brand who sells them and like a lucky dip, you end up with stuff which is still unused by 1st december the following year?

I concede if it is a brand you absolutely love then the chances of you using everything is going to be higher.

Lookfantastic must send you random things tho as it is a beauty platform. 

I have purchased from LF before but obviously something I wanted to buy.  I don't really know what I am talking about never having had an advent calendar from them so feel free to ignore me!

"and a Sauvignon blanc this morning"

the 2nd of December is a little early to start consuming that kind of advent calendar with breakfast??

#TeamLF!  I have it too.  It is ginormous though isn't it?  I can't compare with previous years. Last year I had the M&S one and was pleased, although perhaps I just have simple tastes.  

Trouble with tiny pots of moisturiser like today's is that I think, oh, I'll keep that to go on holiday, like I have the kind of lifestyle where I'm constantly jetting off on weekends where I need to pack small for carry-on luggage.  And then of course I just end up with a drawer of unused tiny pots and just pack the fullsize normal product to go away, because I've forgotten about them.

I also have a Lindt one from Mr P.  The children have Cadburys ones.  Last two years he has had beer ones but this year I bought him a coffee one for a change.  Not sure it's a good change but we'll see  If nothing else, he won't need to sleep until January. 

No7 for Mrs C, the slightly more spenny one. No comment as yet...

Mrs C obviously hasn’t got the hang of which doors to open as it’s only the 2nd. 

the No7 one gets a lot of really great write ups not least because so many of them are apparently full size not mini

Just opened mine and came straight on here to WTF with the rest of team LF. Will definitely burn it not keep it.

13 year old son thinks it’s hilarious.

Liberty! it's lovely. They've removed the little cards this year so you have to scan a qr code to get the info about each item which is good.

Excellent so far.

Kids have (respectively) body shop blue one / Boots Macmillan one (lots of makeup) and I bought Mr E the Neuhaus sharing one which has TWO luxury chocolates in it each day for SHARING.

neuhaus has just opened a shop at waterloo - maybe there. They also do a very pretty one /day version which he had last year.


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