Adnan Syed

I've listened to all the Serial podcasts, watched the recent HBO series and read a few articles and threads on Reddit and still can't work out if I think he is guilty or innocent. 20 years later it is still not obvious what happened to Hae. 

Good roffers of the board, what is your opinion? 

His recollection seems rather jumbled to me and there are a few contradictions saying they didn't really hang out but then Adnan is in his car talking about murder.

My view is probably influenced by having watched the wire. I think adnan was letting jay use his car and phone for drug dealing probably in return for free drugs. Supposedly around the time of the interview members of Jay's family were implicated in hard drugs dealing. I think the police used that as leverage to have Jay throw Adnan under the bus to get a quick clear up at a time when they were overwhelmed with murder cases. The possesive ex-boyfriend was an easy clear up. 

The discovery of Hae's car by Jay with the police is in an odd set of circumstances which suggests a lot of coaching. 

Jen (the college age girl who corroborated that she'd seen jay and adnan acting weird on the day and who said jay told her adnan murdered Hae shortly after) was supposedly in a relationship with and later married Jay's uncle.

Supposedly there were 2 serial killers living in that part of Baltimore at the time. One of whom murdered another young Korean woman. That seems more likely than a geeky school kids first act of violence being murdering his ex girlfriend with his bare hands in a shop car park at the end of the school day. He barely even had time to be drug crazed unless he'd skipped class. 

Actually I've overstated them as 'serial killers' but convicted murderers nonetheless 

Nice theory Burt but if that was true - why would Jay carry on lying about it to the present day? Where would be the motive now?

Good question Fred, apparently he lives in California now away from any police snitch repercussions so my best guess is that he's keeping his head down