The ability to cry - do you have it still? I don’t.

I don’t know when but I have lost the ability to cry. Very very rarely does it happen and it’s just not healthy. Crying cleanses you from the inside, it’s an important psychological process. My gf does it all the time (a bit often). I wish I could cry sometimes as I did as a child 


I am sure there are a number of roffers who would volunteer to kick you in the balls to see if that works.

Only tears of joy when none of either my two young girls or wife is crying 

You should try sitting a toddler on your lap and waiting for them to reverse upper cut head butt you in the nose. That gets the whole face streaming.

The last scene of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with Holly Golightly, Cat and Paul Varshak [sic]..

Basically anything to do with childhood poverty and homelessness 



I can't really watch Breakfast At Tiffany's without seeing Paul and knowing he's the actor who went on to play Hannibal in The A Team. It's a lovely film though.

I also cried at the end of Stranger Things S3 so it’s a low bar TBH

Qmarx is bang on there.  See also the toddler who tries to run through your legs when you aren't paying attention and nuts you str8 in the wrinkled old retainer

Sometimes I well up a bit because of movies but never actually cry