9 out of 10 journalists are killed...

...as part of planned assassinations instigated by their own government, military or local criminals.

Sir Harold Evans thinks that any state that fails to investigate and prosecute the killers should have sanctions applied against them. More interesting perhaps is his idea that Google and Facebook, who he sees as passengers of the media, should finance and run a register of lethal actions against journalists. This would be the data source for an annual Iniquity Index and used as evidence for starting the sanction process.

Do you think exposure in this way would make any difference?

Do you think death by execution is simply a risk journalists take?

Do you worry that independent investigative journalism is disappearing?

Do you mean 9 out of 10 WHO are killed??

Otherwise your insurance must be a nightmare.


Do you mean nine out ten murders of journalists in Mexico go unpunished? 

Google and Facebook are private companies, powered by monetised data collection used for advertising. 

What do you think that giving them a role as a public regulator, or as at least a key contributor to that function, will do to their power, influence and remit for data collection?



Clergs... ...correct, it’s grim enough but not that bad!

Johnny... ...the source is a piece in the Sunday Times. I think the intention is that Google and Facebook use their existing resources. Sir H didn’t offer any suggestions about how he would get them to do this... ...I guess shaming isn’t going to be enough. By that I mean they piggy-back on the journalistic work of others but put very little back into the system.

OK, so 9 out of 10 killings of journalists internationally remain unresolved, often in the context of a failure to investigate them.

The orignal report seems to be the one linked in this article.

An odd thing is that the four killed in Russia last year don't appear to be included at all.

Sir H's idea, as far as what we know of it  goes, seems a bit half baked.