9-11, never forget

18 years since the event that changed history.

Feels like only yesterday  


Look we all know all those people never existed and it was just a controlled demolition of the buildings!

Now any doubt that anyone had about whether PrideMoth was hanners or not has now disappeared.

Forget what?...





....only joking. Yes, what a windshift that was.  But no, it does not seem like only yesterday. Since then I have raised two children, been through three employers, one global financial crisis, moved house twice and turned 50.  A lot has happened and it seems ages ago.

18 years since an event that changed history.


Fixed that for you. 

As an engineer by training, Chambo has some unique insights into all this (see his 9/11 conspiracy threads passim)

wibble11 Sep 19 11:06

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18 years since an event that changed history.


Fixed that for you. 


Don't all events change history?