50 years ago a drunk Teddy Kennedy killed someone

Kind of puts into perspective those trying to end Joe Biden's career for being a tad too handsy.

R.I.P Mary Jo Kopechne.

Yes, hard to explain why the Democrats continue lauding the 'Lion of the Senate' while now slaying Joe.

Wot Hanners said.

Joe Biden is a statesman.

Teddy Kennedy was a coward.

Is there only an allocated amount of giving a toss about powerful men mistreating women available then?

Presumably this nonsense will blow over and they'll select Biden though? He's the only man who can beat Trump.

Being someone who drove off after hitting the car in front by pressing the accelerator rather than the brake, I half understand the syndrome 

Ok, I went back and left a note, but there was something there. I imagine Kennedy's brain was in total turmoil  


I'm sure his mind was in turmoil. Hers too, I don't doubt, as she was left by Teddy trapped in an air bubble to slowly suffocate over a number of hours, doubtless believing help would be coming to her at any moment.


It's entirely conceivable (given that she left her handbag at the party) that Teddy dragged her off whilst she was severely intoxicated, in order to rape her.  The bridge they came off of was not on the way to her house.  Nor - to my knowledge - was Teddy breathalysed afterwards. A very sordid episode, all in all.

He wasn’t breathalysed because he didn’t report it until over 10 hours later.

However there are a number of serious inconsistencies with the whole thing so I suspect we will never know the full truth.

A theory suggests he was driving off her for s shag, saw a police car and so he went back to the party, not wanting to be caught in a car with a very attractive woman who is not his wife.  She may then have tried to drunkenly drive herself, in the dark in a far larger car than she was used to and was too short to see the bridge.

Which would explain the 10 hour delay as he didn’t know about it until later.  

Not saying that’s the truth but it fixes a lot of the problems with his story including the fact that the injuries she sustained were consistent with being in the driver seat rather than the passenger seat.

Oh and his pregnant wife who had previously suffered two miscarriages was at their family home.  Of course.

Charming family all round. JFK wasn't exactly a model of gender egalitarianism either, and their father was a Nazi sympathising anti-Semite who did a fair amount of damage to the UK's efforts to gain US support at the start of the war.

In terms of their treatment of living women, and assuming everything against each of them is true which it may well not be, Biden is arguably worse than Kennedy. Kennedy seems to have behaved shamefully after the crash, but the accident itself could have been merely an innocent mistake. Whereas groping is not an innocent mistake.

"Presumably this nonsense will blow over and they'll select Biden though? He's the only man who can beat Trump"



He has the common touch but (unlike Trump) is an experienced statesman and an articulate orator. He could boss Trump.

Trump is gonna get completely fuckoed even if the Dems run Osama bin Laden

Well, that may be the case, but there seems little point in taking a chance, when they can get their best man in the running.

Hanners doesn't give two shits about Mary Jo Kopechne

that is a very serious allegation Supes. Next you'll be saying right wingers don't actually care that Bill Clinton is a repeat sex offender and Hilary is his enabler and smokescreen. 

Trump is gonna get completely fuckoed even if the Dems run Osama bin Laden


Seriously, you could not be more wrong. A lot of it depends on the grassroots activism and the Dems grassroots activism was completely neglected (and destroyed) by Hillary thanks to her overconfidence and the media's hype. They still have not put them in place. Trump will absolutely boss 2020. He is the incumbent, has the senate, has a good economy and does the biding for the evangelicals and NRA. 

Interestingly it is the same lack of grassroots activism from the Dem leadership that has opened the door for the "Squad" to build their own activism. 

Joe Kennedy was just reporting the truth .That a country with a Labour Party screaming for disarmament over 10 years probably could not be relied on to take on Waffen SS Panzer divisions. 

As Dunkirk proved

And Ted Kennedy's eldest brother died on a wartime mission from East Anglia over occupied Europe   

Bernstein, Joe Sr was doing a little bit more than "reporting the truth"; he was quite sympathetic to the Nazis and in particular their anti-semitism. There's a fair amount documented in relation to this (including exchanges between him and Joe Jr, who shared his anti-semitism and thought the Nazis were doing a damn good job purifying themselves of Jews, and who was afterwards blown up over England shortly after take-off during one of the earliest - and most pointless - examples of attempted drone warfare).

One US embassy aide, Harvey Klemmer, report that, as news of Nazi concentration camps was being reported, Joe Sr said to him: “Individual Jews are alright, Harvey, but as a race they stink. They spoil everything they touch. Look what they did to the movies."


I agree there is a good chance Trump could win, especially if the economy performs superficially well between now and the election. I think his hold on the centre ground is pretty bbrittle however so he will need those tailwinds and/or a weak opponent.

Biden looks like a Dole or Romney pick. Someone you pick to lose honourably whenn nobody with real talent wants to risk standing.

There is no chance Trump won’t win again.  He will.  Calling it.

Incidentally, the Ted Kennedy film was one of the most disappointing films I've seen in a long time.

Sorry am I missing something here? Why is a comparison being made of these two events, neither has any bearing on the other?

Because concern about bad things men do is strictly rationed, and shouldn't be wasted on Biden 

surely the dems would have more chance beating trump with someone younger than biden.  need a next gen leader that makes trump look like a has-been dinosaur. shouldn't be too hard

Dems could run a monkey and it would do better than Biden. Trump only needs a low voter turnout and he is good. I only hope it does not take the Dems 12 years to get their shit together like during the Raegan-Bush era. 

Biden can beat trump BECAUSE he is a bit un PC. 

Given a choice between Biden and Trump the snowflake wing of the party will still come out and vote Biden in decent numbers because they hate trump so much (and anyway they mostly don't live in the swing states that matter).  In the swing states that matter Biden is about a 10 times more palatable to blue collar democrat leaning men than Clinton was and it's those blue collar men who put Trump in the White House.


Kind of what Madders said. 

The issue isn't so much the age - the Democrats need someone who comes across as authentic and passionate and is actually good at campaigning and connecting with people (ie, the antithesis of everything Hillary was). 

It so happens that the best of the current Dem lot in those aspects are Biden and Sanders, who happen to be two old white guys (I would have included Warren until Trump basically baited her and destroyed her with the Pocahontas taunt and got her to overreach and crash and burn). 

AOC would be better than all of them, and she's most certainly not an old white male, but she's too young and not standing...

AOC needs like 15-20 years before she becomes America’s first female president.