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Surely it's not worth it? Just go and drive a train instead.

It's probably good experience for an academic lawyer in the trade sector tbf

I’d fucking live to drive a train. I’d be proper unioned up as well.

better than being one of Classic Dom’s bum boys 

I know someone who does a similar job who is literally in a loony bin right now. So those people I guess.

Wait, 50k is a fucking noble salary faod. Working in that job sounds like a waking nightmare tho.

If you have a 2:1 and a serious personality disorder then maybe

if you don’t then even the most dossy of London legal jobs will pay more than £50k and you won’t have to piss about trying to persuade people you are a ‘maverick’ or whatevs 

Well, in defence of that job, the top age is usually about 29 and there is a defined benefit pension. 

On the other hand they are incredibly hard to get into yet all your colleagues transpire to seem quite dumb.

Surely all they'll get are either lawyers who are currently operating from above a chip shop or v wealthy lawyers who don't actually needs the cash 

Do people working above chip shops have experience of ‘ international law, international trade law and/or EU law’?

i reckon no

Also everyone at the civil service is now an alt right troll apaz

Anyway, a lot of exacting standards from people who can’t afford to be picky. It’s a bit like making it very difficult to get in to the University of Lincoln 

I think you may get be confusing spads with civil servants

I don’t understand how they find competent lawyers to do this at this level.

I mean (unless you are some sort of academic as clergs says) you’ve got to have really fucked things up to want to do this job at £50k. I assume its based in London too.

I mean Im not in an especially prestigious firm and we have paralegals paid more than this. We have junior lawyers on comfortably more than this who can barely be trusted to tie their shoe laces.

Yet at the same time we sometimes es we hire from the public sector and get really great lawyers who have clearly been paid these nonsense salaries for years and who think its perfectly normal.

Lawyering is an illiquid market m8s.

These jobs puzzle me too. I’ve never got past the first round on one, yet twice when I was applying I was offered a job in private practice that paid double these civil service jobs. I don’t know who actually gets these. Are they good or not?

I think more of a concern than the salary is the sheer hassle of even getting this position. Sounds like a load of bullshit interviews, assessments, personality tests and written submissions are required for what doesn’t sound like a particularly senior role. Is this what it takes to get a job these days? 

Jesus, you’re right. What a load of absolute bollocks


Immediately before your interview, you will be asked to complete a written exercise under timed conditions . The written exercise will assess Legal Professional Skills. 

You will then be asked to present your response to the interview panel. Your presentation will be assessed against Communicating and Influencing and Managing a Quality Service. Any follow up questions will further assess Legal Professional Skills. 

Working Together and Motivational Fit will be tested through situational and strengths-based questions.

So I know a gentleman who is a train driver for about £55k. And is Unionised.


once whilst late on in a pub he revealed that he jizzed on a lamp and ate his “jizzy crisps” as such o do not trust any train drivers 

Err he what?!  Is that like a really random self only game of soggy biscuit !?

And I’m slightly worried to be asking but how did you extract that information from him?  I mean it’s hardly a standard conversation!

”Fancy a cup of coffee luv? Oh yeah btw I spaffed on a lamp and then dipped my Doritos in it.  How many sugars do you take?”

Agree with Teccers, this all sounds a bit random.

Did said ‘gentleman’ jizz on his train lamps, or maybe cycle lamps? But why then dip crisps in said noxious  emission?

Is this feat generally performed by ASLEF members...?

Friend of mine worked in the Brexit department for a while and from the description I wouldn't work with those jokers for twice what they are offering here.

Surely for 50 big ones everyone just sits around throwing paper aeroplanes at each other all day?



i see the treasury solicitor himself is now reaching out for new lawyers on twitter. I also see the proposed starting salary is even lower for less experienced lawyers at 42k


good luck with that m8. im sure you'll get some gr8 quality candidates for that. 

This looks very like my old job, which I actually loved. Yes the salary was shit but the work was interesting and I had the time and the freedom to pursue other things on the side and get the kind of experience that looks great on my CV and which I wouldn't have done at such an early stage if I'd been in private practice. The trick is to know what job you want to apply for after this one and make sure you don't stay too long. It helped me get where I am now, which is exactly where I want to be.

One final thought on this, but when did a grand equal a “large”?

"We are looking for highly motivated qualified lawyers"


HEH - good luck with that. 



• Learning and development tailored to your role
• An environment with flexible working options
• A culture encouraging inclusion and diversity
• A Civil Service pension

viz ziss Ferrero Rochers ze Ambassador is spoilink us


I said before , a friend of mine from school left with a couple of GCSE's , he joined the FCO, as a clerical assistant( post room boy)  and is now a grade 7 civil servant, soon to be grade 6, and he is on 50 plus. He travels to far flung exotic countries a dozen or so times a tear, WFH 1 day a week, has six weeks"of ill"and gets thirty days hols, with half the stress of a civil service lawyer

Tbf the flexible working and the pension are worth having. The rest is obviously meaningless guff.

And if you find being a civil service lawyer stressful then you're probably in the wrong profession. 

Yeah, because when you turn up at any civil service legal office at 7am you’ll see everyone from AO to SEO eating their coco pops and talking in their own languages in large groups so they can go home at 3.

These people are genuinely taking the piss.  Some more senior civil servants are dedicated, but the most senior tend to be failed barristers who weren’t able to hack it in a competitive environment.

The civil service has far more workshy wankers than dedicated staff.  We have had this argument before, so I won’t get into it but Dom Cummings is right on this one, they are well due a well deserved cull.

Two points here

1. The GLS has some outstandingly good and committed lawyers. I have spent a lot of time with Treasury and Home Office top end on complex issues like the interplay between regulatory redress schemes and bank stability,  Economic Crime Command etc  and some of the best are the best. 

2. Nobody who spends a heap of time dicking about on a lawyer's chatboard can really take issue with "workshy wankers" and get away with that.

Heh. Yeah kind of what muttley said. I know a fair few of the tax ones and they are awesome. My own criticism of lifelong government lawyers is that they often aren't great at being pragmatic. And they are very prone to stress but I can understand that on account of the irrational imperatives forced on them.

Teclis's description sounds more like operational units in home office or sthg.

Also, a job that involves advising the chancellor is a lot cooler than six figures for telling phonesphonesphones that they overvalued their IP again.


What Mutters and Clergs said.

And Tecco, if your tall stories are to be believed, you own 15 properties and spend your life running around Cornwall playing the white knight to any down on her luck lass who might shag you (bonus points if she has an underage daughter) but you also claim some kind of disabled person benefits because you're apparently unable to work.

Tbf I believe the bit about you being unable to work, but if any of the rest of your stories are true you are in no position to talk about people who show up to work every day and get paid a fairly modest salary for their level of education and experience "taking the piss". 

Sorry, I meant to say 18 year old rather than underage. Not accusing you of being an actual paedo.

We all have our opinions eh.  I used to be similar in view to you poor naive souls.

Then I worked as an aide to a very senior civil servant and she challenged and changed my views.  I’m not some idiot who would just accept what is being said by someone senior, I followed my advice and saw for myself.


  1. Correct, lawyers within the GLS at the coal face tend to be bloody good.  But I caveats what I was saying by referring specifically to grades AO (Administrative officer) to SEO (Senior Executive Officer) all of which fall short of the grades a lawyer would be placed within.  It isn’t the lawyers who are the issue here, it’s the bulk of the civil service within the GLS in particular who are not lawyers.
  2. I pay my own way, I can do what I like and call anyone whatever I like.  If they had worked (or been as lucky as I am) as hard then they’d have that same judgemental privilege.

15 is wrong also btw Anna.

Sorry but I think it's morally wrong to claim benefits you really don't need. I was eligible to claim JSA for a couple of months but I didn't because I had savings in the bank and knew I was starting a new job soon and it felt wrong. 

Ok, cool, enjoy your morals, from where I’m sitting I think it’s immoral to pay for education of children when I have none of my own and never will.

Furthermore, the amount I have put into the system over many years more than validates me to be eligible for a single non means tested benefit designed to help disabled people.

OMG. Do you see it? Do you?

After years and years of all this, an actual cripple fight.

You are paying for the education of the children who grow up to become the doctors and therapists treating you for your various conditions, the architects designing your multiple houses and the engineers making the flash cars you drive round Kernow picking up women in, if your stories are to be believed, Tecco. We all benefit from educating children. 

But benefits should be there as a safety net for people in genuine need. 

I don’t drive, so let’s deal with that one right away.

PIP isn’t a benefit in the sense that UC or JSA etc are. It is a leveller to help those of us who are genuinely disabled to get the help we need to live our lives with a little dignity.  It pays for a few hours a week for a career to come and help me do some things I can’t do myself.

Were I super wealthy then I wouldn’t bother claiming it, but I am not - a fact I have repeatedly made - so instead it allows me to not have to worry about those things I physically can’t do.  

I don't know if you two know each other personally, in which case disregard, but do you have any reason to believe that tecco is claiming bennos that he shouldn't? 

Disabled people are allowed to drink, shag and live rich online lives as well as claiming benefits right? 

Tecco, your comment about educating kids was shit and you know it. 

Yeah I know that was a reach ;) 

But my point about dignity remains perfectly valid.  It takes me two days to change my own bed linen because I have to do it in stages.  Or it takes a couple of carers ten minutes.

Some may argue I shouldn’t have such a silly oversized bed but it was fine when I was fit, now I’m not, I get help.  

It’s not the size that takes the effort. It’s the vast chunks of encrusted love custard that they have to chip off with a pneumatic jack hammer. Fair dos, you can’t be using mining equipment in your condition. 

That’s the curtains (a la Laz comment circa 2017) not the bed ffs.

If you own 14 houses (?) then you could just sell a couple and not be a burden on the state, eh Tecco ? 

I applied for a couple of these public sector / GLS roles when I was desperately unhappy with what I was doing at the time.

The recruitment processes is utter bollox.  They are not interested in what university you went to, what grades you got or where you have previously worked.  They ask you to submit 2 copies of your 'CV' - one of which you have to redact any details about universities and grades.  This is the one that gets used during the recruitment process, apparently to ensure fairness. 

Anyway they don't give 2 fucks about your skills or experience.  Everything comes down to 5 or 6 competency based questions on the initial application.  

There is often a second round which can involve online psychometric testing or a telephone interview.

If you make it through to an actual face-to-face assessment day it will involve you being shown some legal problem and asked to provide a solution, sometimes in writing but sometimes orally.  You are then 'interviewed', which involves a series of follow up questions to the solution you provided and eventually they go through some further competency based questions.  

The questions are heavily scripted (again to ensure 'fairness') and they are very limited with what they can ask you as a follow up question.  

At no point do they ever ask you about yourself, what you have done or where you want to go.  You could have the most interesting CV in the world but they aren't allowed to go there - everything is based around their competency frameworks to make sure no-one can cry unfairness or discrimination.

It is an extremely lengthily recruitment process for piss poor dolla in a dead-end GLS job.  If they are advertising a salary band (they usually are) then they will almost always offer towards the lower end, regardless of your experience.  

GLS / CPS is generally seen as where you go when you can't get a job anywhere else, and most of the people working there are suitably gash.  The few good ones are usually people who are lucky enough to have family money or spouses who are coining it in the citeh.  Or just lazy khunts.


I could win £180million on the lottery and I would still be eligible for this payment. 

I have paid vast amounts of tax and national insurance for my entire working life.  Now you say that I shouldn’t be allowed the one single payment I receive because I am disabled just because I have been vaguely successful?

Also  can’t just randomly sell off assets like that, it’s so much more complicated.  The properties exist within their own trust ecosystem. I can barely get my head around how it works (well I never was the cleverest eh) but it works and with economic uncertainty as it is I have no idea what will happen with mortgage rates and various other taxes, not to mention having to get approval from elsewhere.

Fuck that in the ear.

If the 14/15 house thing is true then claiming any benefit is disgraceful.


LP, I suspect that if you had claimed JSA with some savings you would have been committing a criminal offence, which is probably why it’s a good thing that it felt wrong. Also not very advisable for a solicitor.

The recruitment processes is utter bollox. They are not interested in what university you went to, what grades you got or where you have previously worked. They ask you to submit 2 copies of your 'CV' - one of which you have to redact any details about universities and grades. This is the one that gets used during the recruitment process, apparently to ensure fairness.

To be fair, the worst lawyer I came across in the GLS (by a very very long way) did jurisprudence at Oxford. She was an absolute waste of space.

The biggest problem with the GLS (apart from not being able to pay enough to attract more/better applicants) is that they can't fire people like her. 


Tecco as aide to a senior civil servant is certainly a new and undeclared fantasy job.

Was this job before or after you

a. invented cheese,

b. beat Cisco to inventing the internet,

C. before you were Bureau Chief for Mossad in Geneva...?

I could win £180million on the lottery and I would still be eligible for this payment.

I'm not disputing that you are eligible for it. I'm saying that if you are as rich as you make out then it is a properly arsehole thing to do to claim it. 

Properties mortgages up with a modest stipend income and I’m ineligible for any kind of benefit other than one, which is not means tested and provides solely for carers.

This is a disgrace.

Also can’t just randomly sell off assets like that, it’s so much more complicated. The properties exist within their own trust ecosystem.

Oh, I seem to have misplaced my tiny violin. I was intending to serenade your diamond shoes that are too tight. 

I’m not rich!!! I’ve said this how many times now?  Having assets which are grouped together and manage to wash their own backs while providing me with a small income does not make me rich!!

GLS / CPS is generally seen as where you go when you can't get a job anywhere else, and most of the people working there are suitably gash.

Most of the people I worked with had come from decent firms and were there because they wanted to be doing something more interesting and have a better quality of life and nicer working environment. And 9 months paid maternity leave. Admittedly most of them had a higher earning spouse. 

Some of the brightest and best ones had trained in the GLS, and yes, I suspect most of those had some family money. 

BTW - someone who is such a cripple as you claim you are could not go off on jaunty mackerel fishing trips at the drop of a hat.

And you wheedling over you own 12 or 20 houses sort of sums up the sort of person you are...

And you ban evading just to have a cheap pop at me with no idea what you are talking about.

For me to catch a string of say 4-6 mackerel at a time involves threading a line, walking 15 meters out of my house and throwing it over a wall.

Also, I have been independently assessed by two specialists, I rather think I will go with their view over yours.  You may have seen in the news how people with limbs missing get told they aren’t eligible.  A travesty.  But you can’t say they aren’t thorough.

Thanks for playing Jethro you ban evading numpty.  You lose.  Again.

I’m sure King of the Bullshit finds no problem pulling the wool over the eyes of a couple of govt medics...


Teclis, some of us are working and funding your carers and we can’t afford to own a single property. It is disgraceful. No amount of garbage about the properties being in trusts can excuse that. 

OD - the bloke is a total sociopath.

He knows no shame.

I imagine I pay more in tax than you do.  

People here have such a limited understanding of how this all works. 

Marshall Hall - I have no idea whether Tec is telling the truth about being able to walk from his residence to drop a line off a pier, but if he can do that then he could easily catch loads of mackerel without needing to be out on 'mackerel fishing trips' (if by that you meant out on a boat). Mackerel do (at the right times of year) literally jump onto feathers dangled off a pier or decent rocks or other choice dangling point and you can pull up one per hook per cast (and there are evil lines some use with way more than the sporting 4 or 6 or 8 hooks on). You don't have to be out on boat to catch them in numbers.


Completely agree with what Anna said: "I'm not disputing that you are eligible for it. I'm saying that if you are as rich as you make out then it is a properly arsehole thing to do to claim it."

That sums up why Tec is an arse more than anything else. But the Walt stuff comes close.

Were I working I could earn say £175k a year which means around £8k a month net.  I would still get those carers paid for on a non means tested non taxable payment.  Despite paying best part of £6.5k a month in tax and NI.

Completely agree with what Anna said: "I'm not disputing that you are eligible for it. I'm saying that if you are as rich as you make out then it is a properly arsehole thing to do to claim it."

So I pay more tax than you do despite not working and you get pissy with me about a PIP eligibility.

Tell you what, let’s swap left knee, shoulder and wrist and see how fucking fast you’d be asking for help.

This is little more than bashing the disabled, you should be ashamed of yourselves, the three of you.

He has often waffled on and on about going out in his boat mackerel fishing.

But frankly who actually knows, he may as well be in a bedsit in Tamworth watching endless replays of Balamory.

I didn’t fish for mackerel on my boat you complete pratt.  Also, not sure if you’ve seen what month it is but it’s been in dry dock, winterised since October last year. 

Apologies if true, MH - I didn't realise he'd previously claimed to have gone "out in his boat mackerel fishing".

If so, mebbe more Walt.

Better mackerel further out as with most species, tbf. Best not to take the p1ss though.


Also you don’t seem to understand the freedom and joy it gives me.  I can’t walk very far, but sat at the wheel, the boat becomes my legs.

I can do whatever I like, look for cod or haddock a short way out or head up to the north coast for some bream or head further along my coast to helford passage for a species hunt and try to get some gurnars for the freezer.  Bass in the right months all over. It’s about the only way I can safely explore these days.  


Completely agree with what Anna said: "I'm not disputing that you are eligible for it. I'm saying that if you are as rich as you make out then it is a properly arsehole thing to do to claim it."

That sums up why Tec is an arse more than anything else. But the Walt stuff comes close.

State of this. I have no idea about teccos life situation but this is veering into bullying an easyish target. I can get behind persuading someone with wealth not to claim bennos as doing the right thing, but before we hang tecco from the nearest tree should we not sort out corporations doing much worse.

And for that reason. I'm oot.

You just keep repeating that.  

Why not announce at your next HR meeting how you feel about disabled people in your workplace who are undoubtedly also receiving PIP I’m sure they’ll be delighted to get your feedback on how pointless and irrelevant their disabilities are to you.

RR - of course it’s bullying. Heh.  This Marshall Hall chap is actually Jethro who started a chat forum that stole a load of users from here.

BC has a vendetta against cookie who is a RL friend of mine and therefore, given he isn’t around, I get the brunt of it.

Ignorance, arrogance and prejudice all in one convenient package and thrown at me in tandem.  It’s a meeting of minds for them.  

I have only one question for them really.

Are you two going for a register office thing or are you going for the full church do?  

I was accused of being cookie once. Explains a lot.

Cookie, despite what many here will say, is a really good guy.  He may not always have the most popular views, hell we disagree on much, but he’s smart and he’s a nice man.  Helped me out a fair few times, has to be said.

So you pay tax on the income from the properties that you own, in all probability more than someone who works for a living. Congratulations. You're a hero. Not really. You're the problem. It has nothing to do with being disabled. (FWIW I don't see why being able to use a boat or fish would automatically make one "able"). You're a parasite because you are by any measure wealthy and yet are still claiming from the public purse. I bet you tell yourself that you pay too much tax and that the disability payment is a workaround for getting back some of that money which is rightfully yours. Not enough mind, it could never be enough. Ergo, you are still the victim.

The disabled are now parasites.  

Well that is definitely an innovative diversity message to be giving out.  Every single person who is disabled that you work with (whether physical or mental) will be in receipt of PIP.

It is a leveller.  You take being able to sweep your kitchen floor or vacuum or any myriad of household tasks.  I can’t do many of those so PIP gives me carers a couple of times a week who will do it for me.  Believe me, I’d far prefer to be able to do it myself, because that would mean I could cycle again and that’s the really big thing i miss more than anything.

I can’t easily explain it, so keep your views please do and also please believe me that I would far prefer you love out the rest of your life with this anti disability bigotry you exhibit rather than understand what it is actually like because trust me here.  It’s fucking shit.

I can’t do many of those so PIP gives me carers a couple of times a week who will do it for me.

No. Money gets you that, and you have money without needing to claim PIP. But when people like you claim money you don't need, it means less money in the overall pot for disabled people who don't own 14 houses (or even one house). 

Hmm this seems to be getting out of hand

time to listen to some George Harrison 

Have tried to reply to this about 6-7 times and discovered I can’t do so properly without revealing more about my personal financial situation than I am comfortable doing.

Suffice to say that banks own the majority of any properties in which I may or may not have a beneficial interest, not me.

People get passionate and that is admirable.  But directing the anger generated from that towards someone who is simply doing what any other parasite (my new name for the disabled) does is basically bollox.

Looks more holier than thou than admirably passionate to me

Please use our new nomenclature courtesy of this thread.  We are no longer disabled.

We are parasites.

Can I just be the first to say 





A parasite is a person who takes benefits that they don’t need.

There was no suggestion of any relationship between being disabled and being a parasite. That is you deflecting the real accusation and trying to justify your behaviour. 

Regardless of how little beneficial interest you have, if you’re paying more in tax from rental income than your average employed solicitor then you’re wealthy enough not to need the benefits aren’t you?

Its pathetic that you tried to argue that because you pay tax you contribute more to society than people who pay less tax than you. My original point was not so much about the benefits. It was that by owning those properties you are keeping other people, those who pay you rent and others like them, in poverty. That is khuntish behaviour of the highest kind. Taking the benefits on top of that is just the cherry on top of khuntishness.

This is shaping up to be a smelly tun

but ethics aside, you can't argue with the number on the board

Until Jamie et al read it and wipe Jethro’s posts (He is using the name Marshall Hall now chaps) you’re probably right.

He appeared out of nowhere and then has attacked me on virtually every thread he posts on.  It is Jethro alright, the stench of his corpulent rotting flesh cannot be mistaken.

Teccers, for the 100th time matey, I am not Jethro.