5 weeks in Europe.. suggestions pls


So...it looks like I may have 5 weeks spare to spend in Europe at the end of August and through September.

With the consideration that I have already done most of the major cities in Western Europe... and I need to be in places that have a decent level of health care available ... can I please have your suggestions for hidden gems of Europe below.

I'm looking for the off the beaten track places that I won't read about on the internet or in a guidebook.



Do you want to travel around or stay in one place?

If you enjoy Art and booze Dusseldorf is very good

Also excellent health care

"I'm looking for the off the beaten track places that I won't read about on the internet or in a guidebook."



Hold on, r u asking for travel recs you cant read about on the internet...


on the internet

Go to Jerez to see the riding school if you haven't been. Jerez itself is pretty nice as well. I ate probably the best steak of my life in a little restaurant there about 20 years ago.  If you are well enough to ride there is no better place on earth to do it than Andalusia

I like Bilbao as well (opposite end of the country obviously!)

I like art.. not a big booze or food person.

I was debating starting in Dubrovnik and making my way around the coast to Barcelona.

Or doing a river cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg... but that is super expensive if you are travelling solo as you basically have to pay double to have a cabin to yourself.

I'm asking for peoples personal recommendations Wang.

I consider you all to be individual and real... and not simply  the aggregation of various of top ten lists I can search on the interwebs.

Lady P.  I'm happy to travel around a bit.. but have a strong preference for setting up shop in one location for about a week at a time and then exploring around that point.

king’s lynn > calais > charleroi > frankfurt > jastrzębie-zdrój > crimea/donetsk

should be about five weeks. or a lifetime.

I was debating starting in Dubrovnik and making my way around the coast to Barcelona.


I'm looking for the off the beaten track places that I won't read about on the internet or in a guidebook.

Cornwall.  Got everything you might want, three world class hospitals close by, bird sanctuary, wildlife parks, beaches (heh!), numerous places of natural beauty, dozens of ancient villages, castles, ghost and smuggler walks, art havens, Tate st Ives, top class restaurants, hidden gems of little independent shops and restaurants, lovely little b&bs, luxury hotels, spas, archeological sites, ancient tin and gold mines, historical points of interest, tropical gardens and, of course, yours truly!

If I had five weeks and wanted to start in Dubrovnik (and hadn't done some of these places already) I would work my way up through Croatia, spend a week or so in Slovenia, then head west through Northern Italy and finish up in the Cinque Terre.

Guys, think Brexit.  Don’t go pointing her towards forrin stuff.  Maybe just say soddit and go stay in a centreparcs lodge somewhere for five weeks. 

I'm currently considering my options Delphi.. and find myself severely lacking in imagination.

Hence my consultation of the good people of the Orange.


All this hippy yuppy stuff they’re giving you Scylla, ignore it, UK is your spiritual home! You need to discover the hidden gems in this fair isle.

Prague, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic generally. mountains to the east. Its civilised but plenty of off the beaten track type places.

I am not religious but I have always quite fancied the pilgrimage to santiago de compostela

If we are going for lesser visited cities, I'm a fan of Hamburg.

The Dalmatian coast is stunning but increasingly popular


the gr7 thing about that route is u could have an awesome playlist to listen to

you don’t miss your water

welcome to the jungle

use somebody


black magic woman

why does it always rain on me


for each city respectively

Slovenia river canoeing and then med coast is my plan for September 

I like art.. not a big booze or food person

Booze not compulsory and no one comes to Germany for the food.

But if you like the likes of Picasso, Dali , Matisse etc there is a great collection in Dusseldorf. Also 2 big Aiw Wei Wei exhibs on at the moment ( until the end of Aug I think). Also loads of smaller galleries.


DD King that sounds awesome. I'd like to do a week of dressage instruction at the riding school in Lipica and hang around lake bled. Nice wines too (or at least the slov pinot blanc at Sheekeys is nice).


Strongly recommend Montenegro (avoid Budvar) 

do the austro hungarian empire, Dubrovnik, Trieste, Graz, Vienna, Bratislava, Brno, Prag, Pilsen Budapest

or danube cruise Vienna to Sofia 

Whilst the dressage riding in Lipica sounds awesome I'm not sure I'd physically be capable especially not for a week and I don't really have the riding fitness to do it justice at the moment.

I was in Prague and the CR earlier this year as I have friends who live there. I do love it but not what I am looking for at the moment.

Wales and Ireland could be interesting I haven't done either of them.

I keep having this dream that I am exploring a country that has the huge stone monuments like nothing I have ever seen on earth... but I don't know what country I'm in.

It's really starting to annoy me because I can only half remember the dreams when I wake up and have this feeling that I have forgotten something amazing.


(well, except that Sofia isn't on the danube, it's Bucharest I am thinking of) 

I looked into the cruise options sumo as it seemed a perfect solution for me and my situation.

However, see above about it costing double to travel alone... and also nearly every single sailing on a decent ship for those month is already fully booked.

I had no idea cruising was so popular. Apparently you need to be booking at least a year ahead to get the sailings you want with the cabin you want.




I was going to suggest wales and Ireland.  You could do a few weeks Celtic tour - corneal/Ireland/wales set up a base in each one and just explore.  Loads to do in each of them, you’d never run out of stuff in five weeks.  

Martian I've been to Hamburg... caught the ferry from there to Copenhagen.. years ago.


My mum has done that walk... she loved it.

It would really be my idea of hell.

Scotch islands for your stones (and st kilda for jedi spotting) then norn iron for GOT sets? my inlaws have done a ridiculous amount of these trips.

Montenegro yeah maybe somewhat far. Albania probably also great it’s just...

Corsica?  Friends were there recently and were surprised how untouristy it was.

Corsica is lovely... but I went there for a week when I last asked this question on RoF and Tricky suggested it. My favourite thing about Corsica was the fruit. They had all this island grown fruit that was just the best fruit I've eaten in my life.

I also has a steak, ratatouille and foie gras there that I still salivate about to this day.

Sardinia is also lovely, or so I am told, and I am considering that for a week or two as well.