419 fraudsters getting shirty

"Multiple of times i have writing to you! I do not know if you did not get my message but can you write me now because I have an urgent information for you."

Oh do forgive me, "Emmanuel". That was inexcusable. To make up for it, how about you give me your home address and I come round personally to blow a whole bunch of BOVVERED up your ass.


laz would reject that message outright because of grammatical errors. On the other hand a carefully written, grammatically correct threat is something laz would indulge in. 

ps - I am shocked that duxo used the term "ass". Never seen him swear! This is RoF's first. 

heh, its the ones who call you that really make me laugh. A couple of weeks ago:

*Phone rings. It's a mobile number I don't recognize, stupidly I answer, lots of noise and people speaking a language I didn't recognize but it definitely wasn't English*

Them: Hello Mr [Not quite my name]. I am life insurance company. I verify you.  Give me date of birth, mothers maiden name and full address please.

Me: Errm which life insurance company did you say you are calling from?

Them: Your life insurance company! The one that issue policy.

Me: Yeah, I don't think so...

Them: This urgent policy problem.

And so I hang up.

I mean ffs. Who actually falls for this sh1t?  People must do so reasonably regularly cos it's not like sending an email out to several million addresses they have to have people calling up.


A few years ago a colleague received a ´419´ offer. I am not sure if it was to his work email or personal email. I think perhaps the former. Anyway, despite the warning, that one should not engage with them (which I told him), he did so. As the exchanges developed, over the period of most of a working week,  he adopted the persona of an arms dealer and started offering him (supposed) arms shipments. And asking for the ´419´ ´s bank details. Which seemed to pique the interest of the person on the other side. I am not sure this was a good idea to be sending these suggestions by email. In the end. he got bored and called out the Nigerian` (?) .He kept us all informed of the ridiculous exchanges he was having. This was all done in work time.

This guy scams the fake tech support scammers. He hacks into their systems while they're on the call and deletes their files. Lots of swearing in Hindi. It's lulz.


Lefters, was your colleague the Archbishop of Banterbury?