3.6 million

more people registered with GPs in England than there are people in England....!



Presumably illegals registering with their doctor for free healthcare?

There's probably that many registered to GP's in Tower Hamlets

I'm probably one of them and I'm not an illegal immigrant 

Hoolie, are you saying you're registered with your doctor but with no other official or regulatory body?

No I'm saying I am not registered with a gp in my local area and haven't been to a gp in about 5 years 

"Would you care to purchase some scrap metal for cash?"

I'll give you a fiver for your old 1980s telly.

But then I wouldn’t have a telly and I am sure that modern tellies cost at least twice that.

I would have thought that was in a margin of likely error for an organisation that struggles as  much with integrated IT as the NHS.   I bet lots of people are registered with more than on GP.

I might well be registered with more than one GP and I'm not in the UK.