25 degrees possibly on Thursday/Friday/Saturday, what will you be doing ?

Celebrating the resurrection of Christ. 

On my knees, worshipping hard...

BBQ. Paddling pool for the kids and my feet if it gets sweaty. Ignoring the community WhatsApp group sharing pics of people failing to obey the rules and tutting.

Pizza on Friday night hopefully in garden (is special anniversary was planning to be abroad :( )

Hillclimbing Saturday and Sunday 

Maybe rolling an egg, that is exercise

Skype pub quiz

Not special anniversary like ruby wedding obv just time that is nice to celebrate


Ps chuckle @ disparity twixt hoolie and thuggy plans

I'm going to breathe on everyone out in the parks. 

Didn’t you have friends and family around last Sunday? It’s almost like you just post on here to wind people up.

ebit is foreign and doesn’t understand out english ways


but he probably doesn’t understand out ways either

I am increasingly convinced that ebitda is madame charlez

Mowing and some ground works ready to have my new entrance gates put in next week.

It will be 9 deg C here today... ...I will mostly be wearing a fleece. 

Walking the coast and shooting some video... ...anyone who tuts at me will be chopped down without remorse (there are miles of beach and dune structure and this person would probably need to walk a mile out of their way to berate me)

Certainly not catching or spreading much vu vu,  Not in those conditions.

nb I do not have any evidence to suggest that's true, so don't blame me if it's not

Heh, I'm sure people will be rushing to attend a 'barbe' featuring a 'senior' consultant doctor and her wheezing asthmatic son during corona lockdown. Have fun m3

We had an update on the village Facebook yesterday morning pleading with people not to have bonfires and bbqs in their garden because (quoted verbatim) "smoke and other carbon sourced free radicals can exacerbate lung conditions, leaving people more vulnerable to carona".

By sheer coincidence, the night before I had done a bbq (saussies, burgers, steaks, muahies stuffed with garlic, parmesan and pesto) followed by toasting marshmallows over the fire pit.  Sozzlers

Wang, tell them fo fuck off...

...more of the old farts will die of boredom than the coronavirus.

And when you tell them to fuck off put your not inconsiderable weight behind the threat... ...and maybe just slap one for effect.

fluffy - about 700 more people died in Scotland last week than normal

our total covid death rate is about 300 for the entire period

a fair few are dying of boredom (or stress, suicide, isolation)


I have several old farts impaled on the points of my white picket fence fluffs.  Por encourager les autres, like.

"put your not inconsiderable weight behind the threat"

heh @ Fluffy's subtle art of throwing shade

Wang, why don't you use the lockdown as an opportunity to get ripped like Laz?

I think I'm also going to take a good book and find a sunny spot somewhere and pretend it's just a normal spring weekend.

wang that is one of the daftest things i have heard yet, dont have a bbq in your sunny garden.

The government would be DELIGHTED were you to stay at home and have a bbq, in fact its probably expected of you. Every man, and that.

I don't know how you can bear to be part of a local FB group tbh. The cringe 

I was going to start a thread for copying and pasting the daftest thing you've seen on any of your local FB/nextdoor groups about the vuvu.  Unfortunately I've been banned from my local FB group and the leads on ND have removed some of the more amusing Vuvu/5G links efforts

Working today to pay the wages of nurses and all the free money so many people are getting from Sunka which as I am self employed I am not......

Actually Lydia if you're self-employed and not operating through a limited company you have access to government funds.

Fluffy09 Apr 20 09:34


Wang, tell them fo fuck off.

...more of the old farts will die of boredom than the coronavirus.

And when you tell them to fuck off put your not inconsiderable weight behind the threat... ...and maybe just slap one for effect

To the weight point, I was 11 stone 8 this morning.  Admittedly after shifting a whole rack of baby back ribs from the night b4.

I remain unchallenged as rof's arm wrestle champion, even NTF couldn't beat me

11 stone 8 lbs... ...are you a man?

Somehow your posts read as if from someone with greater poundage. 

Wang is bulking up to star in the Charles Atlas ad as the “before” dude. 

I have been trying to make myself acceptable to Lydia.  Only another 2 stone to go... 

You will also need to ensure your bank statements are neatly filed and credit score is at least 990 plus be able to demonstrate sufficient liquid assets. 

22C, 18C, 18C, 22C over the Easter weekend here.

Tomorrow will be very quiet so will take the dog to the beach.

Saturday I'll do a little shopping & do some baking for Sunday.

Sunday morning visiting MIL in nursing home (restricted now to one hour). She has just been moved to the dementia ward so that will be interesting. Then off to sister-in-law's to drop off Easter presents. Then off to cemetery to lay flowers on FIL's grave. Then back home with mum coming over for Easter lunch.

Monday - dunno yet, but will include taking the dog to the river.

I will be sitting in the shade in my nice Victorian walled garden, working my way though a Majestic Wine delivery.

And playing guitar, moderately well, or the new keyboard (less well, but there is a headphone jack).

In better times I'd invite some of you round, but here we are.

I realise I am fortunate in the overall scheme of things.

If you are unfortunate enough to live next door to chamba I will do your injunction application pro bono

Sadly my book of phrases that meant something in the 1960s is upstairs so no idea what you’re on about. 

My plans are nothing special. Read, watch some movies, cook something.

I hope to finally finish Infinite Jest over the long weekend.

I wouldn't say reading it is a chore, but I am looking forward to the end.