24 yr old lawyer falls deeply in love with a man of 51

Wednesday’s Guardian had an article on a 24 yr old lawyer who fell deeply in love with a man of 51. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/jun/03/im-24-and-my-life-… . Some interesting thoughts and comments, but  feature declines to ask the elephant-in-the-room question. Is this man, by any chance, one of your bosses? 

Well given that it doesn't say he is lawyer, rather she is, isn't it going to be far more likely she is one of your colleagues and highly unlikely that he is one of your bosses.

Introducing herself as a lawyer when it is utterly irrelevant to the discussion is the most lawyer thing ever.

"excuse me, do you have the time?"

"well, i am a lawyer, so it is 3.25pm"

someone I know is marrying a guy 18 years younger than her who she got togteher with at the start of lockdown 1. She has kids half his age and is menopausal while he's leaving a wife 25 yrs her junior for her (& pre skool kids). I can't see it having happened other than in the weird world of lockdown (he is also v successful / rich)

We (fairly) recently had another thread on here about relationships with big age differences which I think tunned big time. Gave rise to some quite stringent divided opinions on both sides. Quite a few detractors seemed to concede that it could  work out ok, depending on the couple in question, but just felt it was meh! from a personal standpoint, I seem to recall. 

Much weirder things have happened in the name of love so good luck to them.

Can anyone remember the formula for calculating the maximum age difference one should have with a partner? Cba to look it up.

Friend of mine married a man in his 60s when she was in her late 20s.  They are still happily married 20-something years later.

Oh wow bobs that takes the biscuit. I can’t even work out all the ages / logistics on that one 

Escaped’s 13.49 reads like a psychometric test question

I'm 38 and briefly flinged with a 24yr old last year.  She worked in digital media but did some modelling on the side.  The body, and norkage in particular, was absolutely stunning.  

Sadly she was a foreign national who fooked off home due to Covid. 

I thought 38 / 24 was pushing it a little, so fair play to a dude who is 51.


I think if you are a bloke who is physically fit, has reasonable chat and some £££ you can keep going well into your 40s and even 50s with women who are much younger.  

You may not even need the £££, but it certainly helps.  

This thread will only tun if Hoolie makes a reappearance.

Well do us all a favour and don't say her name three times, there's a good chap.

I had a very vivid dream last night where I was jumped by a girl I knew in my early twenties, and we were both that age in the dream.

Now feeling quite melancholy. Kind of grieving for an intensity of wanting and being wanted, that probably isn't coming back :(

One thing you have to watch out for is your much older partner being a bit dead for quite a long part of what would otherwise have been the relationship...