is this the 1st world cup where all the southern hem teams
The Oracle of Delphi 24 Sep 23 20:35
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have lost a match in the group stage?

r there ne where only nz was undefeated at group stage?

i reckon the saffers have only lost twice off the top of my head - vs england 2003 and japan 2015

the ozzies can’t have lost all that many either

ok so i looked it up

saffers also lost 2 nz at pool stage in 2019 (4got that was a weird pool)

the ozzies have similarly lost three at pool stage - 1995 (2 the subsequently victorious saffers), 2011 (2 the irish) and 2019 (2 the welsh)

so if wales win now, then 4/10 southern hem pool stage losses will have been at this wc. their record prior 2 this wc was 90/96 wins, this wc it’s 4/7 (4/8 if wales win)

quite the fall from grace - surprised it’s not being talked about so much

trying 2 work out which i would enjoy more - that, or the all blacks losing 2 italy

oh 1 can dream

Must be the first time one of the SH big three has lost 2 in the groups?  And fiji could well go thru

yeah 1st time they’ve lost 2

and fiji just have 2 avoid losing their heads against georgia and portugal 

that will make ozzies the 1st of the southern hem big 3 2 fail 2 qualify 4 the quarters

If someone is of a mind to mock me I am fairly sure that after the friendlies I suggested that neither england or wales would get out of the groups...

Wow, just wow. WTF happened to the Aussies? They looked utterly broken by the end. 


Maybe just maybe wales and england havent been totally shyte for the last two years, it's just that ireland and france are really really very very good.  And scotland have beem quite good but now seem to have given that up in time for the world cup.

Made even better by Scottish fans going on about how this is their golden generation

At least Wales have backed up their fans arrogance on the playing field 

Disagree with that. Wales in particular have been properly shyt in recent times. They played unbelievably well last night considering. Sometimes it all comes together, but it's only one game. Quite funny listening to Warburton talking about then like they are a decent side - they were desperately poor against Fiji and should have lost.

Just both got easy groups so playing themselves into a bit of confidence.

As for Scotland, they've only played 2 games and 1 was against an unbelievably good suffer side. They were never going to get out of the group of death.

Wales have done the business and are out the group

To say they played badly here and there is just sour grapes 

Sorry but Wales were not desperately poor against Fiji. They didn't play amazingly well but you can only play as well as the opposition will let you and Fiji were pretty bloody good.

I agree Wales have been properly sh1t in the last two years though. What is clear now (and perhaps a lesson for the future) is that they should have forced the generational shift a couple of years earlier. Too many people trading on past glories for too long and too many excuses being made. Legislation should be past requiring Gatland to be Head Coach for life. 

Sour grapes? You're right, let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

It's just a factual observation and is relevant to how good a side they are. I'm happy they're out of the group as I don't have any of the tribal hatred of the Welsh team most of you English seem to have.

Donny - fair enough, desperately poor was an exaggeration.

Heh the England don't care about the Welsh sun 

That's what makes the Welsh so angry 

Tbf we don't care much about the Scots or the Irish, save for enjoying a Guinness 

Personally I care about all the home nations and Ireland and support them against the rest of the world.

The scoreline seriously flattered Wales especially in the first half and Eddie seems to have also introduced Australia to having the majority of possession but failing to turn it into points.

It's true, though. Most English fans would rather see Wales, Ireland and Scotland do well over the Saffers, Ozzies and French whereas the Welsh, Scotch and Irish burn with hatred for England. Historically one sided rivalries are like that though. 

Tbh the vitriol from England fans for Welsh Rugby is something I've seen more on rof than anywhere else. So it's ironic to see England fans on here of all places claiming that that's not a thing.

The Welsh despise the English 

The Scots despise the English

The Irish despise the English

The English don't really care enough to despise them back 

A certain sort of snowflake English fan definitely took offence at some point about the whole Scottish and Welsh performative hatred of the English.  The whole cheering like crazy in the pub when England lost to Azerbaijan in under 21 ladies bobsled or whatever. 

It mainly comes from the absolutely awful triple popped collar 'who ho chaps, See you at HQ' tendency amongst English rugby that was even more prevalent in the amateur era than it is today.