before any bonuses

for a 9 to 6 job inhouse


Dream ticket?

can they do 9.30 to 5.30 and knock off early on Fridays for chinning? thnx

Only if you get put on Covid furlough with employer top-up.

About the same as Agile "Scrum masters" get paid but as a lawyer you need to put in years of study & work. Even when it seems to be paying well law pays badly for the effort & commitment required.

I would think scrum master types at Google etc might be on 100+ but it's not a particularly high paying role in general is it? 

I had to look it up:  

The scrum master is the team role responsible for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and follows the processes and practices that the team agreed they would use. The responsibilities of this role include: Clearing obstacles. ... Protecting the team from outside interruptions and distractions.

It's basically an executive PA travelling in a sports jacket

In London: very good indeed.

Outside London: fantastico.

Saw a scrum master role for £700-£800 per day earlier. WTAF?

I don't know what a "scrum master" is, even after that explanation. So, I wouldn't pay £700 a day for one.

what sort of in house role would that be?  I suspect you'd be very hard pressed to find one outside London paying that unless it was a GC/head of legal type role. 

@3-ducks - it's a software development thing AFAIK.

Agile development can mean different things to different people, but it generally means working on a project in short bursts or 'sprints' and constantly re-evaluating the best way to approach problems and deliver the project as you go, rather than coming up with a rigid plan at the start and sticking to it for the entire project.

Sometimes this results in pure chaos (when the supervisors/scrum masters don't know what they are doing), but when run well, it's apparently more efficient, and avoids people wasting time on things that sounded like a good idea at the beginning of a project but turned out to be bad ideas. I understand that having a good 'scrum master' is important to avoid the 'pure chaos' outcome.

And if earned tax free in patland then mucho fantastico. 

Imagine introducing yourself as a “scrum master”

Looks good but greatness of it does depend on bonus. If you are going to get 30-60% or so on top of that then great. If the bonus is negligible then you're basically maxing out at that level as given presumed seniority there may not be that much further to rise. Effectively legal director pay at a top 20 firm.

It's in London and one notch below the Head of Legal. Bonuses apparently in 20-50% range across the firm. 

£200k + mark for a genuine 9 to 6 is pretty good. 

This is basically any executive director role in an IB.

Can do. There are those that do more of course either due to the specific role or just out of choice. It's a running joke on trading floors that Legal are never in early or late or at lunch time.

Lol @ all the lawyers on this thread not knowing anything about (modern) project management

or acknowledging that pms are vital to any project of scale

now if we could get more lawyers to understand matters are basically projects we would be in a much better place...

Not sure about FS but the OP salary would be about right , maybe 10k too high, for a director/AGC level lawyer at a big tech company (that's not Google or Facebook) or perhaps oil and gas.

Bonus of 25/30% + stock units I would guess

That is certainly a challenge AWU but I know at least one. Business analysts can be variable too but again good ones are fab

At my place that would be about right for an M&A lawyer. Low for a legal director. Would expect a 50pc bonus and LTIPs on top of that. LTIPs at 25pc of salary for the year given. So total package I’d say dream ticket would be c180k base and yearly take home 350k. You’ve nailed it if you are offshore too and tax free.

Well bugger me sideways. In house legal salaries where I live are shyte. GC in a major financial institution wouldn't be on much more than that here.

Although as a mid senior doc blozza who they want to form part of the attrition statistics I've managed to buy a freestanding 3br house 20 mins drive from the city that costs less than 25% of my take home so I guess it's all swings and roundabouts. What would that cost in London?

What would that cost in London?

detached? Probably 1.2m in the outer suburbs 

In what sense would the outer burbs of London be 20 minutes drive from the centre of town though?! 

Yeah, I was thinking that too. But London is not really a driveable city so it's not a great comparison. Lots of people here seem to think it's sensible to drive to work every day.

Thing is £150-200k is kind of the sour zone because of 47% tax. It's not so much discretionary that you have loads more but it's enough to incur more costs.

200k isn't even 120 netnet. Knock off 20k mortgage, 40k ISAs, 30k school fees, 5k for commuting/car costs. That don't leave much for the Maldives.

I actually think the effective tax rate is worse. Stock units are taxed horrendously.

Realistically, your not putting 40k into ISAs unless your partner earns the same. Comfortable but nothing more 

who pays school fees of 30 k from a gross salary of 200k

Prob. not school fees - if you have 2 kids in nursery 4/5 days a week you might be approaching that no. though

2 at a day school is easily £30k. Point being dubtun should be enough but it's actually a be stretch.