14th March tomorrow.

How's everyone celebrating?

hang on

I thought tomorrow was 15th and this was an Ides joke

I will be applying for the promotion on the 15th

"Your mum is cooking me a steak"

Heh. Actually lolled. 

"I thought tomorrow was 15th and this was an Ides joke"

Was there something confusing with the heading '14th March tomorrow'?

I am going abroad for a long weekend with Mr D for his thirty-something birthday. Lucky him, eh.

A long weekend starting on a Thursday! Are you in the RAF, Dusty?

I don't understand.  Is this some weird regional holiday? What needs celebrating?

For those who are off the pace, 14th Feb is St Valentine's Day - luv'n'hugs and making much of your girl.  

In a spirit of adolescent rebellion, some people who are not yet grown-up from the USA decided to create another holiday on 14th March to view the whole thing from a different perspective....………….