135 hours with a broken radius and ulna and what I learnt/already knew
Hotblack Desiato 13 Mar 22 17:08
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As per my other thread, I spectacularly broke clean through my radius and ulna in my right forearm whilst Kung Fu sparring on Tuesday 1 March, and had to wait until midday Monday 7 March for surgery to pin them back together. Key teachable moments from this are:

- Ealing Hospital already looks like it has been shelled by the Russians, and offers an essentially medieval level of care.

- There is no operating theatre capacity in either the NHS or private hospitals.

- HR are entirely pointless - all those HR professionals on the payroll and not one of them has called me to see if I was alright or needed anything to get back to work

- Unreduced fractures become more painful over time as the broken bits of bone rub together or just stab into your flesh.

- Codeine rapidly becomes ineffective after 3 days (I knew this already from first principles so deliberately did not take the maximum dose until day 3, so that I had somewhere to go on days 4-6).

- Cannabis is fairly effective at pain relief and was much better than diazepam 5mg tablets for suppressing the muscle spasms that cause the broken bits of bone to rub together/stab into flesh

- You can go through pain and out the other side to a point where you can find it funny (at least if you are high enough!!)

- Pain scrapes away at you from the inside, and breaks you down as a person until you are just instinct.

- Karma is real. I totally got what I deserved.

Sounds horrific.

Did you take any tramadol? Was good for me last year when I was in agony with some joint pain.

What happened I wonder back in the days before surgery and/or painkillers?