12000 jobs to go at a single car manucturer because of Brexit.

The Japanese Foreign Minister was on the news this morning saying very politely that if a no deal Brexit happened then ALL the Japanese car manufacturers in the U.K. would shut up shop.  

With supply chains that is nearly 500,000 jobs and good, well-paid ones too.  With “support” jobs in the local communities that is closer to one million jobs lost - and for nothing.  There are no benefits to Brexit.

Can you smell that?

It may smell like a rat being cooked over a fire in an old oil drum, but it is in fact the whiff of freedom.

and blue passports, strutter. Don't forget about the blue passports

Unfortunately we had to burn those to cook the rat when we couldn’t afford to import cooking fuel.

Agreed, Strutter it does sound particularly bad for France. Hope some of the car workers can move to the Gemalto factory making those passports as you suggest.