An adult film star has explained that she gave up law because it was boring and the money is better in porn.

Last year Ella Hughes said she had "temporarily" given up her law degree at Southampton Solent university to make porn, but that she had "every intention of going back". However after working in skin flicks for another 12 months, she has now decided not to go back, explaining her decision in a BBC documentary, Sex Map of Britain

"I always thought I’d be a lawyer", Hughes said, "but when I was in my first year of studying law at university, things changed. I was working so hard - in lectures from 9am to 7pm every day - that I couldn’t find a way to earn money". Hughes hesitated when a porn company approached her, but, "I used to go to S&M parties, and I love sex, so in the end I decided to just try it". 

  Lawyers work in an office, get screwed and are paid by the hour, whereas Ella... 

For a year Hughes filmed around 15 sex scenes a month alongside her law degree, but then her teachers found out. Hughes said they told her, "law and porn don’t mix - that law is a degree for respectable people and I might not be seen that way with my profile online as a porn star". Forced to choose between moral depravity and porn, she chose porn.

"I know lawyers can eventually earn six figures a year," Hughes told the BBC, "but it’s also really hard to pass the bar [sic] and there’s no guarantee you’ll find a job after university". Whereas Hughes can now earn between £500 and £2000 for each scene, has played 'Volantene Whore #4' in Game of Thrones and starred in Fake Agent UK: Unexpected Creampie for Sexy Redhead.

Now, says Ella, "I can’t imagine myself ever going back to my law degree. I think my life would have been really boring if I’d become a lawyer. Instead I’ve travelled the world and I’ve met so many unique people". She's also got a stalker and has to be checked for STIs once a fortnight, but when the alternative is revising torts in Southampton it looks like a small price to pay. Although Hughes would have made the perfect City partner, confessing, "to be honest, I’ve never had that many friends. I’m always on my own and I’m probably quite socially odd".
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Anonymous 29 September 17 10:55

"that law is a degree for respectable people" - I hope those words were never uttered with serious intent. When I did the conversion course, there were any number of ex-journalists, failed politicians and the like.

Anonymous 29 September 17 13:44

Both professions are full of slightly strange men that want to shag you, but in hers she be paid more than them.

Suspect male porn stars probably have better social skills than most male partners too.

Anonymous 29 September 17 14:48

Probably a wise move seeing as she would have been relying upon a degree from Southampton Solent...

Anonymous 29 September 17 15:12

In lectures from 9am to 7pm? Where? My degree was 11 hours a week - lectures and small groups, law school was probably the "busiest" in terms of teaching and that was half days 4 days a week.