Email of the week comes courtesy of Steve Berman, Managing Partner of US firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro. Berman sent the following missive, entitled "its [sic] year end" to all staff the day before Thanksgiving:

"I am doing year end stuff and find that some timekeepers don't have large blocks of time recorded. so I can't do some of the planning I was going to do. Anyone who has more than a week of time not in by close of business Monday will be dismissed from the firm Tuesday am."

    "Happy f*cking holidays"
Berman is one of the top class action lawyers in the States, who has represented the little guy against the likes of Exxon, Enron and JP Morgan. The National Law Journal rates him as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America and the most powerful lawyer in the state of Washington. But his people skills are clearly a little lacking. Or as abovethelaw more prosaically put it, "this memo makes him sound like a remarkable d-bag".

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Anonymous 05 December 14 09:39

Eminem has had some run-ins with this guy as well:

Anonymous 05 December 14 22:05

Why do we assume that those who make the most noise or exhibit the greatest "front" are somehow the best? Why work yourself into the ground to make a few chancres fabulously wealthy? It's an illusion you numpties!

Anonymous 21 January 15 20:15

Did anyone ever consider that this was meant to be a joke? When I first read it, I took it as just that. So calm down, people. And no, I am not the guy.