A giant advert for a strip club has appeared outside Slaughter and May's office.

The mobile billboard, bearing the strapline "London's Ultimate Gentlemen's Club", parked up on Bunhill Row earlier this week. RollOnFriday has been unable to discover if it was a scheduled stop based on a high concentration of lonely men in the area, a ruse by Freshfields, or if the driver just popped in for jelly babies and top-notch M&A advice.

  London's Ultimate Gentlemen's Club, Bunhill Row

There is, however, less and less chance of anyone mistaking Slaughter and May for a gentlemen's club. This year 50% of its new partners were women. But RollOnFriday, just in case, has put together a handy guide so clients of either establishment don't accidentally end up in the wrong place:

   Slaughter and May*
 For Your Eyes Only **
"Top quality legal advice" "Fully nude and topless dancing"
"Our meeting room pencils are so well-liked that we now use 24,000 a year" "48 private dance booths"
Decorations: "The paintings throughout the client suite are primarily by artists who live and work in Cornwall" "Continuous stage and podium shows"
Careers: "If you have an enquiring mind and are looking for a challenge, this is the firm for you"
"Working as a dancer can be very lucrative if you are outgoing and have a confident and bubbly personality"
Work/life balance
"We believe that the quality of our work cannot always be measured by how long it takes to complete it" "Saturday-Sunday: Closed"

At least, unlike poor old DLA Piper, no-one's ever drawn a giant snow knob outside Slaughter and May's office.

*quotes from S&M website

**quotes from FYIO website (S&M extra)
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